The Roman realm grew to be huge. That covered many of Europe, north Africa, and parts the Asia. Just obtaining messages native come the external parts of the realm took weeks. The empire had become too large to rule effectively. The outer provinces to be pretty much doing everything they wanted.

Emperor Diocletian was in search of a means to settle this and also other problems. He chose that the only thing to carry out was to actually break the realm into 2 pieces. One item would it is in the west Empire, which had The other would it is in the eastern Empire, which contained Constantinople. There would certainly be two emperors, working together against outside enemies, yet each judgment their half separately. Of the two, the emperor in fee was the emperor of the western half, the fifty percent that had the city that


This turned the end to it is in a very good plan, at least for the Eastern fifty percent of the empire. In 479 AD, as soon as the Visigoths sacked, the west Roman empire collapsed and Europe gotten in the dark ages. The eastern Roman realm (in green above,) which consisted of Constantinople, renamed chin the byzantine Empire. The oriental Empire it s long for another 1,000 years.

The roman inn Empire


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