There space a complete of 10 artifacts in God of war Ascension. These artifacts unlock distinct cheats such as infinite Magic. To use them you have to beat the video game first. The artifacts are presented as small, white glowing spots ~ above the ground. Collecting every 10 will certainly earn friend the “No Drake. Friend can’t have actually these.” gold trophy.You can likewise get the artefacts via thing select. When you pick them up they are conserved immediately. There is no need to reach the following checkpoint.

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#1 – Prisoner’s Oath stone – chapter 2 – 0:05After Exiting the sewers you need to climb a wall surface and pull a lever. 3 goat warriors will strike you. The first artifact is behind the gate whereby the goat warriors came from.

#2 – Circe’s Vial – chapter 5 – 0:36After fighting the two Elephant warriors (Juggernauts), walk right and also jump increase the moveable cage. From the cage run to the balcony.

#3 – Oracle Seeker’s providing – chapter 9 – 1:01After returning through the third snake friend will see a brief scene how a tower it s okay activated. Get in the tower and instead that going up you have to go down as much as possible.

#4 – Aletheia’s Charm – chapter 11 – 1:50Directly above the sand glass. Practically unmissable. You will certainly run into it automatically.

#5 – watercraft Captain’s Idol – thing 15 – 2:09After fighting the 2 ice warriors you require to destroy two metal chains to open up a door. Behind the door is water. Dive in and also follow the underwater path. There will be a component where you dive up or down. Dive down and also you will at some point see this artifact top top the ground.

#6 – Orko’s coat – thing 16 – 2:50After the cuscene whereby a male wants to provide you a dagger. As quickly as girlfriend regain manage over Kratos, rotate around. Over there is a blue and also a green orb chest. Behind these two chests is the following artifact. It’s prior to fighting the environment-friendly insect lady.

#7 – Stonemason’s Chisel – thing 21 – 3:20After making use of the Oath stone of Orkos to get up the elevator you have to look to your right.

#8 – Archimedes’ writing – chapter 23 – 3:42On a table, alongside the corpse that Archimedes. This is after crossing over to the various other side through the platform.

#9 – statue Worker’s Idol – chapter 25 – 4:06After you end up the elevator ride, it’s in the height left edge of the elevator.

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#10 – Antikythera device – chapter 28 – 4:32After perfect the attempt of Archimedes you will certainly go earlier through a blue portal and then a platform will instantly bring you to a reduced level. After the elevator stop you can discover the last Artifact in the center of the room.