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House the Plantagenet
House the Plantagenet.
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During her childbearing years, she participated actively in the management of the realm and even an ext actively in the monitoring of her very own domains. She was important in transforming the court of Poitiers, climate frequented through the most renowned troubadours of the time, into a centre of poetry and also a design of courtly life and also manners. She was the good patron the the two leading poetic movements of the time: the courtly love tradition, conveyed in the romantic songs of the troubadours, and also the historical matière de Bretagne, or “legends the Brittany,” which source in Celtic traditions and also in the Historia regum Britanniae, written by the chronicler Geoffrey the Monmouth sometime between 1135 and 1138.

The rebellion of her sons versus her husband in 1173 put her cultural activities come a brutal end. Due to the fact that Eleanor, 11 years her husband’s senior, had actually long resented his infidelities, the rebellion may have actually been instigated by her; in any kind of case, she provided her sons considerable military support. The revolt failed, and Eleanor was recorded while search refuge in the kingdom that her first husband, louis VII. She semi-imprisonment in England ended only v the death of Henry II in 1189. On she release, Eleanor played a better political duty than ever before. She proactively prepared for Richard’s coronation together king, to be administrator of the realm throughout his Crusade to the divine Land, and, after ~ his record by the fight it out of Austria top top Richard’s return from the east, built up his ransom and also went in person to escort him to England. During Richard’s absence, she succeeded in maintaining his kingdom intact and also in thwarting the intrigues the his brother john Lackland and also Philip II Augustus, king the France, against him.


Coronation that Louis VIII and Blanche that Castile, manuscript illumination by one unknown artist, 15th century; in the Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris.

Death and legacy

She passed away in 1204 in ~ the monastery at Fontevrault, Anjou, whereby she had actually retired ~ the campaign at Mirebeau. Her contribution to England extended beyond her own lifetime; after ~ the ns of Normandy (1204), the was she own ancestral lands and also not the old Norman territories that remained loyal to England. She has actually been misjudged by plenty of French historians who have detailed only her youthful frivolity, ignoring the tenacity, politics wisdom, and energy that defined the years of she maturity. “She to be beautiful and also just, imposing and modest, humble and elegant”; and, together the nuns the Fontevrault wrote in their necrology, a queen “who surpassed almost all the queens of the world.”

Eleanor that Aquitaine lies in between her child Richard I and also her 2nd husband, Henry II, both queens of England; tomb effigies in ~ the abbey in Fontevrault-l"Abbaye, France.

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A step from the movie The Lion in Winter (1968): (left come right) Anthony Hopkins as Richard i (the Lionheart), Timothy Dalton as Philip II, Katharine Hepburn together Eleanor that Aquitaine, and Peter O"Toole as Henry II (lower right).