El Cid sculpture in Balboa Park, by artist Anna Hyatt Huntington.

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Near the center of Balboa Park, in between the san Diego Museum of Art and also the Spreckels body organ Pavilion, you’ll find a 23-foot high bronze statue of El Cid. The legend hero that Spain is placed on his steed Babieca and also proudly stop a spear and also shield.

The to mark sculpture is formally referred to as El Cid Campeador and also was created in 1927 by Anna Hyatt Huntington, a famed American sculptor who during her life won plenty of awards and also commissions. Most well-known for she lifelike pet sculptures, she is remembered because that being the first woman to create a windy monument in brand-new York City. Her Joan the Arc was also brand-new York City’s first monument dedicated to a female historic figure.

Anna Hyatt Huntington was married to Archer Milton Huntington, a affluent philanthropist and also art enthusiast, who started The Hispanic culture of America. The made the very first contribution come the surrounding San Diego Museum of Art, in the form of the paint María in ~ La Granja, by well known Spanish post-impressionist painter Joaquín Sorolla y Bastida.

The El Cid in Balboa Park is one of several similar statues. The original stands in prior of the Hispanic society in brand-new York City. Other duplicates stand in Seville, mountain Francisco, and also Buenos Aires.

It appears that as soon as the frosting was set up in Balboa Park in 1930, there was a good deal of public comment about the horse’s unsightly posterior, and also a controversy over the direction it need to face! to the relief that many, the horse’s rear end faces away from the central square and nearby buildings!

A much smaller horse sculpture through Anna Hyatt Huntington deserve to be appreciated a quick distance come the north of El Cid, right alongside the mountain Diego Museum of Art. It’s referred to as Youth Taming the Wild.

El Cid Campeador, gift by the Hispanic society of America in 1930.
El Cid, with Balboa Park’s residence of Hospitality in the background.
East next of El Cid. The Mingei Museum is in background.
Balboa Park’s free shuttle overcome the El Cid statue on a sunny day.

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