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I"ve always LOVED Egypt. I think the is fascinating. I was able to go as a tourist several years ago, and it simply made me all the an ext intrigued!

Read all around this birthday party idea and also you can decide to "Walk favor an Egyptian", similar to old King Tut!

You could also use some of these concepts as component of a treasure hunting party or an adventurer party, such as an Indiana Jones Party.

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Let"s take trip to old Egypt....


Egypt Party Invitations

Print invitations top top parchment type file to look prefer a papyrus. Create each guest"s name and the invitation in hieroglyphics (make sure you incorporate a translation!)Send details together a memo because that an "Egypt Expedition". Make a sweetheart map top the way to an lengthy lost Egyptian treasure.

Egyptian Party Decorations

Decorate in black or imperial blue and gold. Gold balloons and also streamers would certainly be perfect, in addition to gold partyware!If an indoor party, decorate sheets v stencils of hieroglyphics and hang them on the walls.Think of things you"d see in the desert - palm trees,sand, camels...

Egyptian theme Ice Breakers and also Activities

Decorate Pharaoh masksCheckout homeschool websites for lots
of handmade ideas. (Hint: choose crafts where the youngsters can make something an innovative with little or no supervision.)Make a mummy craft! take it a popsicle stick, wrap it in strips of muslin and also glue top top googly eyes.

Egyptian endowment Hunt

Set up her party as party together a an excellent expedition. Your guests could be old Egyptians, or they could be modern-day day explorers.

Pick some funny games, and also arrange them as party of her quest. Create a to run story come go together with the games.

For example, phone call them that you are looking for the Pharaoh"s treasure. Start off through the an initial clue and a task that they have to perform. Because that example, they must discover the methods of pack a mummy, so have actually them do the mummy plunder game.

Once that is “successful”, the leader (you) can provide them their following clue, which would certainly be to find for a jewels in a sandbox. The jewels can then be used as component of a craft.

One that the ideas could be a map in hieroglyphs (along through a legend) that must be deciphered.

Choose games from the perform below based on the period of your guests. Do the critical clue cause the sweetheart they’ve to be seeking. Probably their party favors, a piñata, or maybe even the cake!

Egyptian template Party Games

Walk like an Egyptian
- Walk prefer an Egyptian and play a fun video game of follow the Leader.Dance or frozen Dance - run to funny Egyptian themed songs.Pin the... - For smaller sized parties, play pen the Head top top the Sphinx (or every little thing else you decide that fits this theme!), pin the crocodile in the Nile.Obstacle Course - produce an obstacle food - jumping end the Nile River, crawling thru a tomb (large appliance box or tunnel)...Snake Drop - Take turns dropping rubber snakes right into a basket or jar.

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Egyptian Party Favors

Give part explorer type party favors, such as binoculars, or one Indiana Jones form hat. Fake JewelsMake a CD of fun Egyptian songs, like Walk prefer an Egyptian and King Tut

Egyptian Party date of birth Cake Ideas

Build a Pyramid Cake by structure up several layers and then cutting the sides down into a pyramid form (make a template so you carry out all political parties evenly.)

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