Modelling isn’t one of Egypt’s most-defined industries. In fact, in spite of our extensive history of, friend know, having media special models, the sector is actually fairly young. And only recently, walk we start seeing part Egyptian encounters slowly yet surely climbing come the top.

Curious to meet them? Well, right here they are!

Sherouk Farid

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With several photoshoots (art-based and also fashion-focused) under she belt, Sherouk Farid shot for brands prefer Aseela and Noora Shawqi and also featuring for different European shoots through her representative agencies overseas.

Sohila Kandil

With shoots because that brands choose Okhtein, Barakat Optics, Kojak and also many more, Sohila Kandil is a familiar challenge on a increasing climb in the industry out over there with functions in numerous renowned magazines too.

Habiba El-Kobrossy

Featured as one of the faces on the critical Gouna film Festival, Habiba El-Kobrossy has done a number of photoshoots, artistic and also fashion-related, as well as shows, walking because that Michael Cinco and Extramedy, amongst others.

Iman El-Deeb

Founder that UNN Models and also a model herself, Iman El-Deeb has featured for brands like TFK, Peet Dullaert, Kojak and many, countless more!

Yasmine Hany

Popular challenge Yasmine Hany has been climbing up the ranks, walking because that Papier Marche and also Kerrat, amongst others, with shoots because that Vogue Arabia and Vogue Italia through others additionally under her belt.

Mariam Abdallah

Featured in popular magazines like Vogue Arabia and also Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, Mariam Abdallah is stability on the rise, having actually shot for Temraza, Izmatique, and Kult Kairo, amongst others.

And, yes, you’re seeing them everywhere!

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