The Ancient Egyptians had actually a an extremely mystical and fascinating id system around life and death. Fatality was just one stage and the beginning of another. They really much thought in the immortality and the was considered a really important element of the cycle of life. Therefore, throughout their life, they would need to perform numerous practices and rituals to help them as soon as they overcome over. Among their techniques was complying with the 42 legislations Of Maat.

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The 42 regulations Of Maat:


The 42 regulations f Maat to be the dominance of law and also moral justice among the ancient Kemet people. Maat to be a Goddess who represented law, truth, balance, harmony, and justice.

Some of these legislations included:

I have not stolen.I have actually not slain men and also women.I have actually not stolen the residential property of the gods.I have actually not uttered lies.I have actually not carried away food.I have not uttered curses.I have actually not cursed adultery.I have made none to weep.I have not attacked any kind of man.I have not shut my ears to the indigenous of truth.I have not blasphemed.I am no a male of violence.I have actually wronged none, I have actually done no evil

The Egyptian Tombs:


Most tombs were developed during the lifetime of the person it was meant for and also a many of initiative was make in ensuring the best feasible send off. The tombs to be decorated with spells and ancient texts that originated indigenous the Egyptian culture. This was intended to assist in the transitioning of the heart to the underworld and help guide the heart to the afterlife.

The Weighing the the love Ritual:


To the Egyptians, the heart to be the vital to the afterlife, therefore, was considered the most vital organ in the body. They thought it to be the source of wisdom, emotion, and memory.

The “Weighing of the Heart” is a routine where Osiris (the God the the afterlife) and also a tribunal of 42 divine beings judged the behavior of the dead throughout their lifetime. Their heart was balanced on a golden scale against a white feather the the goddess Maat.

If the heart was lighter than the feather they would acquire a ar in “paradise”. If the love weighed more than the feather, the Goddess Ammit (who had a crocodile head, and component leopard, part hippopotamus body) would be waiting by the scales beside Maat to devour your heart and soul. Your heart would certainly not be taken into consideration worthy or pure enough to get in the afterlife.

After weighing the heart, the good received their heart and other spells the ensured that would stay with the body. The heart stayed in the body during its embalming and also was thought to it is in a an important part of the souls fine being.

In contemporary terms, having actually a heart as light as a feather would average you have actually lived a life that wasn’t complete of negativity, guilt, shame and also many various other feelings linked with wrongdoings that would reason a heavy heart.

The book Of The Dead:

The book of the Dead is not an really book, however a collection of spells, rituals, old text and prayers that are meant to assist the deceased in the afterlife.

Here room 20 ancient Egyptian estimates from The book Of The Dead and Egyptian Proverbs:

#1. “Those who live this day will die tomorrow, those who die tomorrow will be born again; Those that live MAAT will not die.”

#2. “All things space possible. That you space is limited by who you think you are.”

.#3. “Seek to carry out your duties come your highest possible ability, this means your actions will certainly be blameless.”

#4. “Do a good deed and also throw it into the sea.”

#5. “Man, understand yourself and you shalt recognize the Gods”.


#6. “There is no happiness for the soul in the outside worlds since these room perishable, true joy lies in the which is eternal, within us.”

#7. “If friend marry a monkey for his wealth, the money goes and also the monkey continues to be as is.”

#8. “Good habits result from resisting temptation. ”

#9. “There is no happiness for the spirit in the external worlds since these are perishable, true joy lies in that which is eternal, within us.”

#10. “All things room possible. Who you room is limited by that you think girlfriend are.”


#11.“My human body is but wax and wick because that a flame. When the candle burns out, the light shines elsewhere.”

#12. “All things are possible. Who you are is restricted by who you think friend are.”

#13. “There is no joy for the heart in the outside worlds due to the fact that these room perishable, true delight lies in that which is eternal, within us.”

#14. “He who has actually bread and something to dip it in has actually the whole of happiness.”

#15. “To speak the name of the dead is to make him live again. ”


#16. “Experience will display you; a Master have the right to only suggest the way. ”

#17. “The universe is Mental, organized in the mind of The ALL. The all is SPIRIT”

#18. “Man is separated into Soul and also Body, and only once the two sides that his senses agree together, does utterance of its believed conceived through mind take it place.”

#19. “Your body is the temple of knowledge.”


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“The kingdom of sky is within you, and whosever shall know himself, shall uncover it.”

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