Turning ~ above the strength is one of contact of Duty’s Zombies’ most iconic jobs that a player will have to finish if they want to accessibility the remainder of the level. In call of Duty: black color Ops 4’s Blood the the Dead, turning on the strength is lot like the various other Zombie campaigns in the series, despite one generator is deviously much from the beginning point.

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How to revolve on the strength in Blood that the Dead

Turning on the power lets players completely expand the Alcatraz map, giving them much more areas come fight in, better weapons come purchase, and secret Easter eggs to unlock. The 2nd switch is daunting to reach together a solo player, therefore it can be precious taking the moment to setup a split-screen Zombies match for you and a friend. There are two switches that need to be thrown in order to turn on the power:

Power House, located near the start of the levelBuilding 64, near the docks in ~ the back of the level

Power switch #1

The an initial power switch is situated in the power House, at the beginning of the level.

The very first power switch can be found shortly after ~ the start of the Blood of the Dead campaign. Starting in Richtofen’s Laboratory, go up the stairs and also unlock the door. When outside, proceed through the pathway and veer left in ~ the fork in the road. Unlock the door in the left, walk down the stairs, and enter the building on the left, the strength switch will be top top the wall.

Power move #2

The 2nd power switch is located at the end of the level, near the docks.

The second power move is situated within building 64, a building that is extremely far from the spawn point and exceptionally daunting to reach. Players will need to save increase a couple of thousand points in order come unlock the myriad of doors between the very first power switch and also the second.

Once the first power move is thrown, head back up the stairs and also open the walkway ~ above the left – this will set off one alarm. Fight follow me the walkway and also over to the prison, destroying any kind of zombies that gain too close.

Enter the prison again and go v the Library to with the C-D Street gate, unlock it and also head increase the ramp. Cut throughout the “streets” that the cellblocks to reach Michigan, usage the communication to with the bottom and also run come the end, acquisition a left right into the Citadel Tunnels. Hug the left-side of the rooms come find an additional gate top deeper right into the Citadel Tunnels. Go down the winding cavern and then take the winding route up to a double-gate the leads outside.

Unlock the gates, proceed outside and down the lengthy ramp, acquisition a right at the bottom. Monitor the alley toward the end and enter the door top top the left. Head to the ago of the room, with the door and turn left to find the last switch required to rotate on the power.

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With both switches thrown, the power will be turn on and players can begin unlocking all shortcuts and also switching on miscellaneous traps. Be sure to examine out our overview on exactly how to unlock Pack-a-Punch in trip of Despairafter you"ve had enough running about Alcatraz.