There are a full of 17 occasions that can be unlocked in dynasty Warriors 8 Empires. Complying with is a quick overview of everything you should do in order to unlock these events.

Do keep in mind that events which require completion of Chain Requests require completion the low-level requests very first before moving on come high-level requests.

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AmbitionYou simply need to start the video game as a totally free officer.

Founding a CountryYou need to kind an army followed by utilizing it to raise a kingdom.

SuccessorThis calls for a current ruler come quit and also choose her character as a successor. You may require a partnership of A or above to make it a tiny easier.

ConfessionFor this, you require to have actually S rank with an officer of the contrary gender. When this is done, simply confess to the officer and also he or she will certainly confess back.

MarriageYou shall obtain an alternative to acquire married ~ a successful confession. Check ‘Confession’ for more details on exactly how to do a effective confession.

Oath BrothersFor this, you require to have S rank with an officer.

EscapeThis requires you failing in ~ a rebellion or willingly handing end a are to an enemy faction while playing as a governor.

The sent AssassinYou require to complete the last mission the the Assassination inquiry Chain which requires killing a Marshal.

The Looter the ChaosYou require to complete the final mission the the Thief request Chain which requires stealing from the nationwide Treasury.

The the strongest MercenariesYou need to complete the last mission the the Rescue inquiry Chain which calls for rescuing a city.

Pinnacle the MightYou require to finish the last mission that the Hunt inquiry Chain which needs killing a vagabond army with among the adhering to officers under her command: Zhang Liao, Xu Huang, Pang De, Yu Jin, Gan Ning, Taishi Ci, Lu Meng, Zhao Yun, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Xiahou Ba, Wen Yang, Lu Bu, Meng Huo, and also Lu Lingqi.

Reliable GuardianYou require to finish the last mission the the security Request Chain which needs defending a Marshal.

Bandit ChiefYou require to finish at the very least 5 goals from every of Robbery, Thieving, and also Assassination request type missions.

Declaration the the last BattleThis is quite simple! You must start a fight which can win friend the game.

Wealthy CountryI’m no sure around the exact figure, but reportedly, having an X variety of cities in her faction unlocks this event. There are additionally some people who simply constructed 6 Blacksmiths and also Item Shops to unlock it.

The CapitalistYou require to have actually a country with one Evilness the 1 and also 99,999 Gold.

Successful RevolutionAs the name suggests, simply bring out a successful revolution to unlock this.

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