1. The cities all survived the middle ages2. City states flourished into thriving centers of trade and manufacturing3. Two significant cities in Italy added to the Renaissance - Rome and Naples

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During the Renaissance, what types of people advocated the cultural re-birth in the Italian city-states?
What city, an ext than any other city, came to symbolize the energy and brilliance the the Italian Renaissance?
Which ancient city deserve to Florence be compared to since of its production of the numbuer the poets, artists, architects, scholars and scientists in a short duration of time?
What to be the surname of the family during the Renaissance who arranged a effective banking business in the 1400s?
In the Medici palace, artists learned to sketch by drawing the ancient Roman sculptures in the _______
After the disorder and disunity the the medieval world, creatie Renaissance minds were set out come transform your era, which to be a time that ________
The Renaissance supported the spirit of _______ and also a wide-ranging ______ the led human being to explore brand-new worlds
Who was the Italian navigator who cruised to the americas in 1492 and represented the spirit of Adventure?
During the Renaissance, that was the polishing scientiest who reinvented the way people viewed the universe?
Most humanist scholars were _____ _______ who hoped to usage the wisdom of the ancients to increase their expertise of their own times.
As a an outcome of studying human anatomy and also using live models, the Renaissance artists were able come portray the human being body much more accurately than _____ artists
During the Renaissance, very few _____ overcame the borders on education and training to end up being professional artists
During the Renaissance, some women kept the work-related in mystery and allowed their ______ to pass off the occupational as your own.

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