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1 Not yielded

Bryan Chesen | Aug 26th 2021

Item not delivered. Can’t get a organize of company

5 an excellent quality!

James | Jul 29th 2021

Great quality!

5 Poolside basketball score

Stephanie | Jul 19th 2021

I was an extremely impressed with this basketball goal. I wanted one that would certainly be an extremely durable and this one surpassed my expectations. The made very well and also I would highly recommend it.

3 Rim was bent once we mounted it

Jason Shuman | Jul 19th 2021

Rim was bent when we set up it

5 Splash & shoot

Diane | Jul 19th 2021

Just received the Splash & shooting basketball hoop and put it with each other this weekend. Basic instructions, seems prefer quality materials and also my household instantly appreciated it. They preferred that the basketball to be a continuous size and also not little or flimsy.

5 Sturdy and also well make

mom | Jul 6th 2021

We have had this basketball hoop for about a week and my 3 children and their girlfriend love it. It's easy to assemble and an extremely sturdy. We've also had some youngsters hang off the hoop before we inquiry them to stop. Hoop elevation is straightforward to adjust. Certainly get what you pay for through this.

4 pool basketball collection

mar Ubuntu | Jul sixth 2021

We love the pool basketball set. The just drawback is that the plastic basic leaks. Ns previously had a Dunn Rite hoop and also the base likewise leaked. Once I spray it with sealer, it is great. I wish they might fix this element of the product: we space a pool-loving, basketball-loving family!

5 Splash and shoot Dunn appropriate

Kids and also adults love it. Our second one, the clean backboard looks for this reason much much better then all white. | Jul fifth 2021


2 Cheap

Matt | Jul 5th 2021

Hoop is nice. Yet the bolts because that the ago board mount to progressive it and lower the stripped the plastic out.

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Can’t get firm to help me out. To bad