Dr. Seuss Reading gamings PC CD learn an easy alphabet letters ABCs words! cartoons 

Type: Children 

Platform: Windows/Mac 

Publisher: learning Company 

Released: 1999 

Media: CD 

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provided In Sleeve

Contains 2 reading Levels and 2 complete Storybooks!Dr. Seuss Reading games is designed come teach simple reading skills in the wonderful and also witty human being of Dr. Seuss! 2 of her favorite Dr. Seuss publications come come life in this fun-filled CD-ROM. Dr. Seuss"s abc is designed for the beginner, and also will introduce kids to the ABCs of analysis by do the connection between sounds, symbols and also words. In the ever-popular The Cat in the Hat, games and tasks appear top top every page. Both interaction storybooks include hundreds that clickables, and also the capability to interact with the characters and also objects ~ above screen.Skills and Benefits:- indigenous Recognition- Alphabet- reading Comprehension- Spelling- Vocabulary- Rhyming- Letter Pronunciation- Letter Recognition- storage BuildingFor home windows (32-bit Systems) / Mac (Power Macintosh: OS 9 or Below) <*Please review compatibility/platform part in "What you Get">
WHAT girlfriend GET:
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