When beam Sawyer, the eyepatch-sporting member of Dr. Hook & The Medicine show passed away newly at the age of 81, fans were reminded of the band’s numerous stellar hits and also smooth mix of country rock and AM radio soft absent gold. The Alabama-born Sawyer to be a establishing member the Dr. Hook (the reduce moniker the group at some point went by), and the tape took their Captain Hook-inspired name as a nod come the eyepatch that wore after shedding his appropriate eye in a car accident.

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A refresh antidote come the seriousness of ‘70s album rock, Dr. Hook to be a rough-and-tumble new Jersey bar band that broke large thanks to your musical chops and also some spicy songwriting collaborators. The team scored their an initial hits, “Sylvia’s Mother” and “The sheathe of ‘Rolling Stone” (the latter of which featured Sawyer’s distinctive growly vocals), in collaboration with children’s book author and songwriter Shel Silverstein that penned song for several Dr. Hook albums. More hits followed until the band called it quits in 1985. Sawyer ongoing to tour with the group’s main vocalist Dennis Locorriere (who own the civil liberties to the Dr. Hook name) until 2015 as soon as he was sidelined for health reasons.

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Thanks to your catchy hooks and spirited live performances, Dr. Hook’s music has actually aged far much better than the has any type of right to. Seize a straw hat and also a pair that maracas and also remember Sawyer and the boys of Dr. Hook through the classic tunes below.


3. “Sharing the Night Together”

Following some lackluster albums, the band shortened its name to “Dr. Hook” and also signed v Capitol records in 1975. A covering of Sam Cooke’s “Only Sixteen” was a hit, and the backseat of a Ford Pinto do out classic “A little Bit More.” (Take a look at Dr. Hook’s sweaty performance of the tune on Don Kirshner’s absent Concert and marvel in ~ how far standards of rock tape sexiness have actually come. Maroon 5 these hirsute crooners were not.) The 1978 album Pleasure & Pain witnessed the band diving headfirst right into slow-dance ballads v their tender ode come one-night was standing “Sharing the Night Together.”

2. “When she In Love v a Beautiful Woman”

Penned by the wonderfully-named nation rocksmith even Stevens, this ‘70s soft rock favourite hit #6 ~ above the charts and was so good that Dr. Hook had it ~ above both the Pleasure & Pain album and also its disco-fied 1979 follow-up Sometimes girlfriend Win. Kicking off through an earworm-worthy key-board riff, the lyrics detail the difficulties a man with a self-confessed “ego problem” has trusting the mrs he loves. When the music is toe-tapping, perhaps the male should stop “watching she eyes” and “looking for lies” and shot discussing his comes to with the bad woman who has to put up through his constant jealousy.

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1. “Sexy Eyes”

 This sultry jam fight number 5 on the Billboard charts and cemented Dr. Hook’s condition as purveyors that killer late-night grooves. The song opens with the very Eyes broad Shut-esque line “I to be sittin’ every alone/Watching people get the on v each other.” however get her mind out of the gutter, due to the fact that Dr. Hook is all about dancing and catching a gal’s sexy peepers top top the dancefloor.