Donkey attempts to sway Shrek right into letting him overview him ~ above his pursuit to discover Lord Farquaad in Duloc.

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Hey, hey, hey! you gotta let me go v youYou don't recognize what it's prefer to be thought about a freakWell probably you doBut that's why us gotta pole togetherDonkey!No, no, no! Don't speak, don't speak, don't speakJust hear me out! I can surprise youI'll it is in a friend, when others despise youDon't roll your eyes! avoid with the mopin'You require a pal! mine calendar's openI'll lug you soup, when you feeling congestedI'll bail girlfriend out, when you gain arrestedI acquired your back, wha-wha-what, when things gain scaryAnd I'll cut it, when it it s okay hairyDon't allow me goDon't let me goDon't let me goYou require meYou require me
I'll treat friend right, and also never action shoddyIf you kill a man, I'll hide the bodySo what execute you say?You're no respondingI think we're bondingDon't allow me goDon't let me goDon't permit me goYou require meYou and me, us belong togetherLike butter and also gritsLike kibbles and also bitsLike yin and also yangSturm and DrangLike Eng and also Chang, attached in ~ the hipBut no an old lady hip that could breakI'm gonna it is in on you prefer a fat kid on cakeLike Cupid and also Psyche, like pop rocks and also MikeyWe'll pole together choose that Velcro stuffI'm the fuzzy side; you'll be the spikyOh! Like tiny kids and also pajamasWith those funny points at the bottom, you know, feetiesLike donuts and, oh, what goes through donuts?
Donuts and also diabetesDon't permit me goDon't allow me goDon't let me goDon't permit me goHold me, hug meTake me, pleaseNa-na-na-na-na-na, you re welcome don't permit me goI need you, I need you, I need you, I need youI need you, I need you, I require youI need you, I require you, I require you, I need youI need you, I require you, I need you, I require youDon't let me goGo, go don't let me go
Donkey do the efforts to guide Shrek right into letting him overview him top top his pursuit to uncover Lord Farquaad in Duloc.


Entcho Todorov, Suzy Perelman, chris Cardona, Jonathan Dinklage, Sean Carney, Lisa Matricardi & Hiroko Taguchi

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