„Winter lies prior to menow you're so much away.In the darkness of mine dreamingthe light of you will stay“

— Enya ireland singer, songwriter, and musician 1961

Song lyrics, Amarantine (2005)

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„I want to be her loverBut your friend is all I've stayed.I'm just halfway to paradise,So near, however so much away.“

— Carole King Nasa 1942

Halfway to Paradise (1961), co-written through Gerry Goffin, first recorded by Tony Orlando, later on by Billy FurySong lyrics, Singles


„By the moment you read thisI will certainly be so far awayDaddy longlegs, exactly how in the worldAm ns to be intended to stay?“

— Joanna Newsom American musician 1982

Have One top top MeHave One on Me (2010)


„It sound so far away and different. I like various places. Ns like any type of places that isn't here.“

— Edna Ferber Novelist, playwright 1885 - 1968

Source: Gigolo


„Yesterday, every my troubles appeared so much awayNow the looks together though they're below to stay.Oh, I think in yesterday.“

— Paul McCartney English singer-songwriter and also composer 1942

"Yesterday", native Help! (1965)Lyrics, The Beatles


„"Help me," Allison says, but she is soft-spoken, and everyone she loves is so much away.“

— Daniel Handler, publication Adverbs

Adverbs (2006), Often

„What troubles me is that we will watch in Germany no approximation of the eastern German income to the West German earnings anymore, due to the fact that productivity stays so much behind.“

— Helmut Schmidt Chancellor that West Germany 1974-1982 1918 - 2015

speech "The catch-up process of the east has gone to finish in 1996 - What to do?" in ~ the 10. May 2004 for the "Erfurt Dialogues", thueringen.de http://www.thueringen.de/de/tsk/veranstaltungen/dialog/archiv/schmidt/

„One day you're young with all her fine plans for the future. The next you're in the future and it doesn't look at all the way you believed it would.“

— Jayne Ann Krentz American novelist 1948

Source: burn Lamp

„When you forgive someone, you're no justifying what they've done — you're no saying it was ok, you're letting it go, to continue to be in the past, where it happened, and also moving far from it, so it doesn't sink the teeth into you, and follow you wherever you go.“

— Ysabella Brave American singer 1979

"Forgiveness" (7 July 2007)Context: when you forgive someone, you're no justifying what they've done — you're no saying it was ok, you're letting the go, to continue to be in the past, where it happened, and moving far from it, so the doesn't sink that teeth right into you, and follow you where you go. And of course, us don't understand what events are going on in the person's life that probably led castle to carry out what they were doing, or motivated them, or what kind of human they are sometimes. We never ever will know everything around what is going on v the whole instance - us only know what has actually happened come us. And also the truth is - there's no point in hanging on to it.

„…everything I've stated so far is fine and also dandy…“

— Paul DiLascia American software application developer 1959 - 2008


„There are fairies at the bottom of our garden!It's no so very, an extremely far away;You happen the gardner's shed and you simply keep straight ahead --I execute so expect they've really pertained to stay.“

— rose Fyleman british writer 1877 - 1957


„I obtained blasted v a ball to the challenge at practice. That doesn't hurt as lot as you'd think – not if you're solid and keep your confront in it. It only harms if you traction away.“

— expect Solo American combination football player 1981

As quoted in "Hope Solo: domestic Violence Drama has Been 'Traumatic and Embarrassing'" http://www.people.com/article/hope-solo-calls-domestic-violence-drama-traumatic-people-interview, People.com (June 17, 2015)2010s

„I have actually come one step away from everything and here ns stay, far from everything, one step away.“

— Antonio Porchia Italian Argentinian poet 1885 - 1968

He llegado a un paso de todo. Y aquí me quedo, lejos de todo, un paso.Voces (1943)

„Heart, my heart, for this reason battered v misfortune far past your strength,up, and face the men who hate us.“

— Archilochus ancient Greek lyric poet -680 - -645 BC

„A many parents phone call their youngsters that if they want to be an actor, that's fine, but they need to do something rather first, therefore they've obtained something to fall back on. That doesn't work-related like that, as far as I'm concerned.“

— Ewan McGregor British actor 1971

„Man goes much away or near but God never goes far-off; he is always standing close at hand, and also even if the cannot remain within he goes no further than the door.“

— Michael Elmore-Meegan brother humanitarian 1959

All will certainly be well (2004)

„I know it's late, I know you're wearyI recognize your to plan don't include meStill right here we are, both of us lonelyLonging for sanctuary from all that we seeWhy should we worry, no one will care girlLook in ~ the stars so much awayWe've gained tonight, who requirements tomorrow?We've gained tonight babe,Why don't girlfriend stay?“

— Bob Seger American singer-songwriter 1945

We've gained Tonight.Song lyrics, Stranger in city (1978)

„You're so basic to tease. And yes, her friend is simply fine. Well, except that the keeps putting all my things away and also trying come clean up. Now I can't discover anything. He's compulsive.“

— Cassandra Clare, book City that Ashes

Source: City the Ashes

„Oh won't friend stayStay a while v your very own onesDon't ever strayStray so far from your very own ones'Cause the civilization is for this reason coldDon't care nothing for her soulThat girlfriend share v your very own ones.“

— valve Morrison northern Irish singer-songwriter and musician 1945

Irish HeartbeatSong lyrics, Inarticulate speech of the heart (1983)

„The trees the whisper in the eveningCarried away by a moonlight shadowSing a song of sorrow and grievingCarried away by a moonlight shadowAll she experienced was a silhouette the a gunFar away on the other sideHe to be shot six times through a male on the runAnd she couldn't discover how to press troughI stay, ns pray, view you in heaven much awayI stay, i pray, watch you in heaven one day…“

— Mike Oldfield English musician, multi-instrumentalist 1953

Song lyrics, crises (1983)

Time, Singing, Tree

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