Q: I’d prefer to adapt several of my favourite dishes—most significantly some soups and also jambalaya—to fit my low-FODMAP diet. These recipes all call for do a roux first. I’ve make the efforts corn flour yet the roux is grainy. Have the right to you recommend an additional kind the flour that would job-related in these dishes and also still be okay for mine diet? i really gain your “Ask the Chef” column and also can’t wait to check out the inquiries as quickly as I get your magazine.

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A: I’ve had good results using carefully ground brown rice flour to do a roux for soups, sauces, gumbo and also jambalaya. White rice flour also works. Both are allowed on a low-FODMAP diet. If girlfriend don’t have actually fine-grind rice flour, simply process regular rice flour (either brown or white) in a clean coffee grinder, food processor or blender until carefully ground.


Q: Is it for sure to use gluten-free flour that’s outdated if I store it in the freezer?

A: There are two factors why flour walk bad. (1) It becomes infested with tiny varmints (moths and bugs—but let’s no go there) or (2) It turns rancid, i beg your pardon occurs an ext quickly in flours with higher oil content, such as flax meal, amaranth flour and also almond flour. Keeping flours in the refrigerator can prevent both crashes and extend the shelf life by as much as ripe months, depending upon the flour. Save flours in the freezer can expand the shelf life even longer. Both refrigeration and also freezing will allow you come keep and use your flour past its “best use” date, as long as the flour was fresh as soon as you grounding it in there. Don’t store xanthan gum or guar gum in the refrigerator or freezer, however. Chill gum often tends to absorb moisture, causing clumping. Uneven instructed otherwise in her recipe, always bring flours and starches back to room temperature prior to using them because that baking.

Q: Most gluten-free baking recipes contact for xanthan gum. Mine daughter is allergic to corn and also I’ve heard that xanthan gum includes corn. Have the right to I switch the end xanthan gum because that guar gum?

A: Xanthan gum is fermented on corn. Return experts case that no corn continues to be after the xanthan gum is processed, you need to avoid utilizing it if you’re came to your daughter will have a reaction. By all means, usage guar gum instead. It’s a one-to-one substitution for xanthan gum that functions equally fine in baking recipes.

Q: My household has a sourdough starter the we’ve had actually for ages. I was newly diagnosed with celiac an illness but I’d still favor to use this sourdough starter. If I use the starter sufficient times with only gluten-free flours, will certainly it eventually be safe for gluten-free breads and other goodies because that me? How countless times would I have to use it prior to the parts-per-million that the initial wheat flour in the starter would certainly be low sufficient to be taken into consideration safe?

A: I know that people can become very attached to your sourdough starter. Yet it’s pretty risky company to dilute the gluten content over time in the hope the it will certainly be for sure for someone v celiac disease. Execute not jeopardize her health! Instead, produce a brand-new tradition by do your own gluten-free sourdough starter. Feed it, usage it in all your recipes and treat it together a brand-new family heirloom. For gluten-free sourdough recipes, go to livingwithout.com.

Q: I just purchased a professional KitchenAid stand mixer. KitchenAid doesn’t seem to carry out any recipes for making gluten-free bread in this mixer. I’ve currently used it efficiently to do gluten-free cakes and also cookies however haven’t attempted anything yet v yeast, choose pizza dough or bread. Deserve to you provide me tips on utilizing a stand mixer because that gluten-free bread?

A: The KitchenAid was standing mixer is an excellent for every gluten-free recipes, including yeast breads and pizza dough. This device does not require special gluten-free recipes. Simply prepare her recipes as you would certainly using any kind of mixer. Ns do have two an easy tips: use the paddle attachment, not the dough hook. And scrape the dough under the political parties of the bowl as you work so the all ingredients space incorporated.

Q: I’m gluten-, dairy- and yeast-intolerant. Is over there a pizza dough recipe for world like me?

A: every one of our pizza crust recipes space gluten free and can be made v dairy-free alternatives. Instead of the yeast is a challenge but it’s no impossible. Here’s a way to carry out it. Replace the quantity of yeast through the exact same amount that baking soda and lemon juice. Use equal components of every to full the lot of the yeast. Line them with each other to do a paste; include it come the batter ~ the wet and also dry ingredients space combined. (Don’t be tempted come use an additional acid choose vinegar. Lemon juice works best.) when you use this substitution, the dough doesn’t must rise.

There are numerous wonderful pizza recipes in ~ livingwithout.com. Use this formula in any kind of one of castle to create a yeast-free pizza crust.

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Q: ns make gluten-free bread every week and I always proof the yeast by adding it to warmth water and brown sugar. I notification that some gluten-free bread recipes don’t include this step. Is over there a factor not to proof the yeast?

A: Some chefs proof their yeast prior to baking bread. I normally feel there’s no have to do this unless I doubt my yeast is gaining old. New yeast is crucial for activating properly. It’s constantly worth purchasing brand-new yeast before making any kind of recipe. If you roasted a lot v yeast and also keep the on hand, salary close fist to the expiration dates and store that in the refrigerator or freezer to rise its shelf life. Be sure to carry it to room temperature prior to using it.