If there’s an opened bottle the agave nectar that’s sitting in a cabinet for rather a long time already, you start thinking if this sweetener have the right to spoil. The question “does agave nectar walk bad?” comes up sooner or later.

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You know that it’s high in sugar and that it’s supposed to last a long time, but you’re not quite sure exactly how long is that. And maybe a few days ago you’ve heard an offhand comment that your coworker is storing their agave syrup in the refrigerator after opening.

Now you require to uncover out if your bottle is still for sure to use and also if maintaining the nectar refrigerated is in reality necessary. If those space the inquiries you’re looking for answers to, review on.

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How to save Agave Nectar?

Agave nectar is frequently advertised together a love husband substitute. It looks similar, tastes alike and has a comparable texture. Also, you save it the same way you save honey.

Yup should keep that in a dry place, away from sunlight and also any sources of heat. The pantry is the ideal place, yet a kitchen cabinet will certainly do just fine too.

Once you open up the bottle, make certain always to store it sealed once not in use.

In instance you were wondering, girlfriend don’t need to refrigerate agave syrup ~ opening. That course, you deserve to store the syrup in the fridge if for some factor you need it chilled, yet that’s totally optional.


Low temperature makes the agave nectar harder come pour, therefore storing it in the refrigerator for an extended period probably isn’t a good idea.

Last however not least, let’s talk around freezing agave nectar. While it’s definitely possible to freeze this sweetener, it’s daunting for me come find any type of use situations where freeze it would be helpful.

The syrup has a very long shelf life, for this reason freezing to extend it doesn’t really make sense. And also since when using agave nectar us usually just pour a couple of drops here and there, having it as a block of ice doesn’t it seems to be ~ to be that an excellent either.

Either way, if for some reason you need to freeze agave nectar, use an ice cream cube tray so friend can conveniently thaw as lot syrup as you require to.

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How long Does Agave Nectar Last

Agave nectar, prefer pretty much any type of sweetener, comes with a best-by date. That date informs girlfriend for just how long, at the very least, the high quality of the product will continue to be best.

Obviously, the love husband substitute won’t go negative a couple of days or mainly after the date. In fact, agave syrup is comparable to love husband in yet another matter: shelf life. An unopened party of the nectar keeps pretty lot indefinitely. once you open the bottle, the same thing applies.

Please keep in mind that by “keeps pretty lot indefinitely” I average it stays safe to consume. Quality is one more thing. Agave syrup with time could slightly damage in regards to taste. So don’t it is in surprised that the syrup doesn’t taste now as good as it taste a couple of years ago.

Agave nectar (unopened and opened)Stays safe indefinitely

Please note that agave nectar loses top quality with time, therefore after a couple of years of warehouse it can not taste as great as it provided to.

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How come Tell if Agave Nectar Is Bad?

Okay, you currently know the the shelf life the agave nectar is pretty lot indefinite. Similar to the shelf life that tequila, that is make from the agave plant.

However, if the agave nectar sit in the cabinet for years top top end, some caution is advised. Prior to you use such a syrup, offer it a rapid exam.

Check the within of party for any signs of mold or contaminants, look at the color the the liquid, and give that a great sniff. If everything seems to it is in okay, taste a small amount. If the tastes okay, feel cost-free to use it. Otherwise, litter it out.

Even though agave nectar is exceptionally high in sugar, i beg your pardon is a herbal preservative, bacteria sometimes find their way. So, if that’s i can not qualify to happen, if there’s anything remarkable wrong through your agave syrup, throw it out. Humans have actually pretty an excellent instincts once it comes to spotting unsafe food, for this reason if her spider senses room tingling, trust them.

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