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Are you certain you want to leave this web page message in your web browser can be annoying, yet there’s a way to deal with this problem.The fastest way to resolve this issue is to move to a various web browser and check if the problem is still there.One method to solve this problem is come disable details extensions or add-ons, so you could want to try that as well.To disable the Leave site dialog in Chrome you might want to inspect your cache and clear the if needed.

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However, number of users reported the they solved Are you sure you desire to leaving this page after disabling JavaScript.

2. Disable add-ons

2.1. Google Chrome

After adhering to these indict Leave site popup in Chrome need to be gone.

2.2. Net Explorer

Press Windows key + R.Start Internet Explorer.Restart net Explorer and check if the worry is resolved. If the difficulty still exists, repeat the exact same steps, but this time be certain to disable a various add-on. Repeat this procedure until you uncover the problematic add-on.

2.3. Firefox

Select Extensions indigenous the menu on the left.

Few customers reported problems with Smiley central add-on in Firefox. If you usage this add-on, be sure to eliminate it and check if that solves the issue. Because that issues concerning Firefox installation you can likewise check out our article.

3. Reset web Explorer

Open Internet Options. For in-depth instructions on exactly how to carry out that, inspect Solution 1.

If the previous equipment didn’t fix your problem, friend might be able to solve the by resetting Internet traveler to default.

After resetting Internet explorer to default, check if the concern is resolved. If you’re using a various browser, be certain to reset it and check if the solves her issue.

4. Clear looking history

Click the Menu button in the height right corner and also choose Settings.Check Browsing history, Cookies and other site and plug-in data, Cached images and also files, and Hosted application data. after ~ that, restart your browser and check if the worry is resolved.

If you’re making use of a different browser, you deserve to clear the browsing history by adhering to the comparable steps.

In some instances disable Leave website dialog in Chrome by clearing the cache, therefore be sure to try it.

5. Disable combined content

Open Internet Options.After act that, restart net Explorer and check if the problem is resolved.

6. Disable XXS filter

Repeat steps 1 and 2 indigenous above.

7. Use Developer Tools

Open net Explorer and also visit the website the is offering you this message.Press F12 to open up Developer Tools window.

This is a straightforward workaround that can aid with the Are you sure you desire to leaving this page message.

According to users, in some instances you have the right to fix this trouble in Internet explorer simply by using Developer Tools and also switching come an older version of web Explorer.

This no a irreversible solution, and you’ll have to repeat this systems with every website that gives you this message.

8. Disable prior to unlead function in Firefox

Open Firefox and enter about:config in the attend to bar.You’ll see a warning message. Click I accept the risk button.

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If you’re utilizing Firefox as your default net browser, girlfriend can quickly fix this problem by using this method. This message appears due come the beforeunloadJavaScript function.

To protect against Are you sure you want to leaving this page? post from appearing, you have to prevent the aforementioned duty from running.

After performing these steps the problem should be totally resolved. It’s worth pointing out that by disabling this role you might readjust how specific websites work on her PC.