Best answer: Yes. If there will be part returning characters who you"ll recognize from playing previous Borderlands games, and there will likely be referrals to past events, you"ll still have the ability to follow the plot there is no playing various other franchise entries. The game brings brand-new villains, a brand-new plot, and a brand-new set of Vault Hunters.

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Can ns jump right into Borderlands 3 there is no touching past games?

Yes, you"ll it is in fine. When past personalities like Lilith or Rhys will certainly be making appearances, girlfriend don"t have to go earlier and play every the earlier games. Events that occurred previously will be referenced, but this is a new plot, with brand-new main characters, new villains, and a new storyline.

So, what perform I should know?

Borderlands 3 is set in a world where whatever is trying to kill you. You"ll play together one of four Vault Hunters. Vault Hunters seek powerful alien modern technology that has been lost through the ravages of time. There"s a mysterious group of women dubbed Sirens with too much powers (though only six deserve to exist at one time). Finally, a pair of fatal villains well-known as the Calypso Twins have weaponized a enormous cult following. If you want to dive right into the lore, it might be precious the recap.

What if I want to pat past games anyway?

If you"re insisting on play the past Borderlands gamings anyways, then you have the right to play the very first game through Borderlands: game of the Year Edition. This variation of the game consists of all the DLC and also several graphical enhancements. Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel room both had in Borderlands: The Handsome Collection. Finally, the last little bit of story you can play v takes place in the an extremely different, narrative-focused tales from the Borderlands.

Borderlands 3 is currently collection to relax on Sept. 13, 2019, for every platforms.

Our pick

Borderlands 3: standard Edition

Prepare because that the hit of the galaxy

Get all set to jump right into a brand-new storyline, through four brand-new Vault Hunters to pick from, two deadly villains to take down, ten exchange rate cultists law the villains" bidding, and also a truly innumerable range of guns.

Some extras

Borderlands 3: deluxe Edition

Extra mayhem

The Borderlands 3: deluxe Edition comes with number of special weapon packs, v skins and an ext for Vault Hunters to gain so they can obtain prepped to fight.

For the hardcore fan

Borderlands 3: Super deluxe Edition

Full mayhem

The Borderlands 3 Super luxurious Edition comes with everything featured in the luxurious Edition, including a Season Pass and also Butt Stallion skins, every in an exclusive steelbook. The Season pass will function plentiful brand-new story missions so you deserve to keep her journey going ~ finishing the campaign.


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