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Do You ever Look in ~ Someone and also Wonder, "What Is walking On Inside your Head?" or merely Inside your Head describes a dialogue line from the trailer because that the 2015 animated film Inside Out. Originally offered on YouTube and Vine as a setup for videos in i m sorry animals, fictional characters or people exhibiting zany behavior, in so late 2018, the catchphrase regained popular in memes on tik after being linked with a sped-up variation of "Sweet desires (Are make of This)" through Eurythmics.



On December 11th, 2014, the an initial trailer because that the 2015 animated movie Inside Out premiered.<1> In the trailer, the personality Joy, voiced by Amy Poehler, says, "Do you ever look at someone and also wonder: what is walking on inside their head?"


Use in Memes

On October 25th, 2015, YouTube<4> content creator kmlkmljkl uploaded the an initial known meme that supplied the clip native the trailer together a setup. The video, a Gabe the Dog meme, received over 756,000 see in 6 years (shown below).


Starting in late October 2015, the clip indigenous the trailer gained notable popularity as a setup for jokes top top YouTube and Vine. For example, on October 27th, 2015, YouTube<5> user Dyuba post a Spider-Man Ass Slap image that gained over 64,000 see in 6 years (shown below, left). On September 9th, 2016, contents creator Dolan Dark uploaded<6> a meme that gained over 810,000 views in five years (shown below, center). ~ above October 13th, 2018, YouTube<7> user image Republic posted a compilation the Vines that supplied the image which received over 300,000 see in 3 years (shown below, right).

The an initial video that an unified the line with the sped-up version of "Sweet Dreams" is unknown, yet is estimated to have actually been posted in October 2018 top top TikTok. The earliest uncovered memes that usage the remix are October 21st, 2018, TikTok<8> by user minus.like and an October 26th, 2018, YouTube<9> video by TheFlaxCompany (shown below, left and also right).

In the complying with years, the remix gained significant popularity ~ above TikTok, with a person, animal (particularly cats) or character in their normal state displayed while the line is gift said and a montage of the very same person, animal or character behaving in a zany method shown during the music (compilation videos presented below, left and right).




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