Vasectomies room performed with the will of “blocking off” the main pipes or “vas deferens”. The cut ends of the pipes space sealed off with heat, steel clips or surgical threads. 25% that the time, the end of the pipe the connects every the means back come the testicle is not fully sealed off. As a result, a little amount that sperm leaks out of that reduced end and also into the bordering tissues in the scrotum.

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Fortunately, the reduced end the the pipeline does not proceed leaking sperm due to the fact that your body seals off the area with a special type of scar tissue called a granuloma. Because it is scar tissue that surrounds sperm, that is referred to as a “sperm granuloma.” If you have actually a sperm granuloma, it may feel choose a certain bump that is about the size of a small marble. That is more than likely what her vasectomy reversal doc feel when evaluating you.As friend know, there are two varieties of vasectomy reversals: a more simple connection right where you had the vasectomy (the vasovasostomy) and also the more complicated “bypass” reversal (the vasoepididymostomy) whereby the key pipe or “vas” is plugged straight right into the refinery behind the testicle (Click here to find out more). Males with sperm granulomas space twice as most likely to need only the an ext simple connections. In 2004, Boorjian et al. Indigenous Cornell looked in ~ 213 men who had actually underwent vasectomy reversals. Of the men who had sperm granulomas, only 14% required the more complex bypass reversal conversely, 31% of guys without sperm granulomas required that surgery.Bottomline: If you have sperm granulomas, it’s a good thing. It way that you room twice as likely to need only the an ext simple connections. That’s an excellent since this connections can be done through super-small openings via the “Mini-Incision” method that enables us to job-related through an opening that is only 5 millimeter wide. With smaller incisions, her recovery tends to be much faster which is constantly “a an excellent thing”.While small incisions space nice, that is much more important the the proper kind of reversal is performed. Just since you have sperm granulomas, over there is quiet a 14% possibility that you may require the more complex bypass reversal, for this reason make sure your vasectomy reversal specialist is prepared and also trained to perform that more complex “bypass” surgery for you is the high quality of liquid coming the end of the pipeline mandates a epididymal exploration and a vasoepididymostomy (Click here to view if girlfriend are most likely to need the more facility reversal).

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Reference: Boorjian et al. 2004. Newspaper of Urology. 171: 304-306.