Ecards market an effortless means to remain in touch! select from thousands of digital cards and customize your favorites in a matter of minutes. Discover ecards because that every person and occasion, with well known songs, beautiful animation, uplifting quotes and all kinds of personalization. We put extra attributes into all our ecards, therefore sending and receiving lock is constantly a joy. Through SmashUps™, you can also give your online greeting star strength by developing a one-of-a-kind, celebrity shout-out. Once you can’t be over there in person or need your desire to acquire there fast, ecards make it easy to affix virtually from residence or on your phone. Authorize up today and also send unlimited totally free ecards with our 7-day attempt offer!

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Birthday Ecards

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Make birthday wishes a item of cake v ecards native American Greetings!



Christina Aguilera "Candyman" Birthday tune Ecard (Personalize Lyrics)



Birthday Enchantment covert Objects video game Ecard


Dolly Parton date of birth Time track Ecard (Personalize Lyrics)



Best Witches birthday Ecard


"Bewitching" birthday Ecard (Famous Tune)


Happy Bird Day! Ecard

Halloween Ecards

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Spooky and also fun ecards because that everyone.

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"I want Candy" Halloween (Personalize)


Talking Halloween Cat Ecard (Personalize)


Best Witches Halloween Ecard

"Shake her Booty" Halloween Ecard (Famous Song)

Halloween concealed Objects video game Ecard

Better Beware Ecard


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Create your own personalized tune with an man ecard!


Christina Aguilera "Candyman" Birthday song Ecard (Personalize Lyrics)


"I want Candy" Halloween (Personalize)

Alicia tricks "Your Day" tune Ecard (Personalize Lyrics)

"Shout" (Famous Song) video Ecard (Personalize)

Prairie Dog date of birth Song video Ecard (Personalize Lyrics)

Donny Osmond - A Birthday track for you Ecard (Personalize Lyrics)

Talking SmashUps™

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Each one has a hilarious article you have the right to make her own!

Talking Skeleton Halloween Ecard (Personalize)

Talking Pumpkin Ecard (Personalize)

Talking Leaf give thanks to You Ecard (Personalize)


Talking Halloween Cat Ecard (Personalize)

Talking date of birth Kitten Ecard (Personalize)

Talking Chihuahua Ecard (Personalize)

Selfie SmashUps™

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Share more smiles with new SelfieSmashUps!


Squirrel Add-a-Photo Ecard (Personalize)

Vampire Add-A-Photo (Personalize)

Pumpkin Add-A-Photo (Personalize)

Cat Add-a-Photo (Personalize)

Dog Add-a-Photo (Personalize)

Mustache Add-a-Photo (Personalize)

Thinking Of you Ecards

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Just thinking of you and friendshipecards make staying associated so easy.


Thoughts Drifting towards You Ecard


What"s Up? Ecard

The return to Hugs Ecard

Best Times together Ecard

Let the Hugging Begin! (Postcard)

Sending Sunshine Ecard (Fun Song)

Anniversary Ecards

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Say happy anniversary now with wishes because that a lifetime of happiness.

Love Anniversary Ecard

So lot Love Anniversary

"You Sexy Thing" Anniversary Ecard (Personalize Lyrics)

Hamster Love Soul song Ecard (Personalize Lyrics)

Anniversary "Celebration" Ecard (Famous Song)

"That"s Amore" tune Ecard

Thank girlfriend Ecards

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Thank-you ecards market a thoughtful method to show gratitude any day, at any moment.

"Walking top top Sunshine" thank You Ecard (Famous Song)

"Simply the Best" thank You Ecard (Famous Song)

Thanks, "I"m so Excited" Ecard (Famous Song)

Sending great Big Thanks! (Postcard)

Thanks because that the Sunshine Ecard (Fun Song)

Sending thanks to friend Ecard

Upcoming Holidays

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Get all set to celebrate! this upcoming holidays space the perfect reason to remain in touch and connect.


10/23 nationwide Make A difference Day (Postcard)

10/29 national Cat work (Postcard)

Bright desire (Postcard)

Wonderful Diwali Ecard

Have a Happy Diwali Ecard

A Veterans job Salute Ecard

Three great Uses for American Greetings Ecards

Easy sending best on the work of critical occasion or holiday. when a date of birth or holiday comes and also you space apart from your friend or loved one, it's easy and also quick to send a practice ecard through the perfect message.Keeping in touch. Ecards space a fun and easy means to send a post to a girlfriend or loved one that you want to reconnect with. Send free online greeting cards with your no-risk trial.Surprise and also delight her friends and family. Smashup ecards permit you develop a personalized song just for them!


Sending one ecard have the right to be quick and also easy! Make sure you are signed in as a member or sign up together a brand-new member through a 7 day totally free trial come get cost-free ecards.

Select one ecard you’d like to send then click personalize and also send. After that you can include a personalized note to include a unique touch for your recipients. For much more details onhow to send an ecardcheck the end this guide.

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Some of the best cost-free ecards you'll find!

Ecards make staying associated so simple … and also there’s always an chance to send one! through so numerous amazing human being in her life, your calendar is probably full ofbirthdays,graduations,baby showers,weddingsandanniversaries. We have amazing ecards for everyone’s distinct day, add to thoughtful methods to saythanks, send a hello and make them laugh in in between life’s large moments. Friend can additionally share ecards that lend support, present you care, offerencouragementand great them well.

Of course, you’ll want to remember anyone in her holiday celebrations! us make it basic with heartfeltValentine’s job ecards, spectacularChristmas ecards,Mother’s job ecardsthat (literally) sing her praises and exciting, brand-new ways come share her favorite seasons. Even if it is they live across the mile or about the corner, ecards offer amazing animations, cute talk animals and personalized greetings the show systematic appreciation to everyone in her life. Together a member friend can even schedule ecards approximately a year in advance, making continuing to be in touch effortless!

How come Send a Personalized Ecard

Not sure just how to personalize her ecards? discover tips and inspiration ~ above “What come Write” from actual greeting map writers, who’ll assist you say whatever from “congrats,” “I love you,” and “I’m sorry” to everything in between!