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“My just hesitation in composing this review, is i selfishly desire to keep The Flaming Buoy for myself. We came here on a recommendation of a friend, and it to be the foodie highlight of ours trip. With just 10 or so…” more


“I have actually been here a couple of time is the past. Ns was shocked to watch the ratings that the place and also though i would provide it a try anyways. The restaurant is in the traveler area that Key…” more

“Amazing seafood! generosity portion, straightforward ordering, no-frill diner kind seafood shack. Girlfriend order” more

“ and comfortable seating. Please try sitting alongside someone in one of those horribly cheap, diner booth” more

“Excellent must try. Credit transaction to diners journey ins review and also it met expectations. Oriental bbq taco excellent and also unique. Shrimp adheres to close behind” more

“. Regardless of the volume the diners they have to manage, the company was great and the food came out quickly. It” more

“ and the spicy fried chicken was very, really good. Ns wish I could have ordered more or had actually other diners” more

“ in the tricks for a dive trip. We provided up and also decided to start driving around to uncover something that” more

“ friendly. We were even enabled to sit inside v out puppy girl. The environment has a 1950s Diner vibe” more

“ that a dive bar bartenders attire. No bread organization was a disappointing. Appetizer was a shrimp” more

“ notified the rooster special, just a standard diner breakfast and also I wish i ordered miscellaneous else” more

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“I witnessed this ar on Diners drive Ins and also Dives and also I'm so happy I came on my trip to crucial West! This” more

“We came right here on our critical night in key West. We wanted to eat i doors however, we were called that all of the indoor tables were currently reserved. We experienced that over there were about 5 tables…” more