identify the current flowing through an facet if the charge circulation is given by(a) q(t) = (3t + 8) mC(b) q(t) = (8t2 + 4t-2) C(c) q(t) = (3e-t - 5e -2t) nC(d) q(t) = 10 sin 120 ( t pC(e) q(t) = 20 e-4t cos 50t (C

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the current flowing through an element if the charge flow is given by(a) q(t) = (3) mC(b) q(t) = (4t 2 + 20t ? 4) C(c) q(t) = (15e ?3t ? 2e ?18t ) nC(d) q(t) = 5t 2 (3t 3 + 4) pC(e) q(t) = 2e ?3t sin (20? t)... Check out Answer
If the current flowing through an element is given by Plot the charge save on computer in the element over 0 view Answer
The exchange current density for a PtIFe3+,Fel+ electrode is 2.5 mA cm-I. The conventional potential of the electrode is +0.77 V. Calculate the current flowing through an electrode of surface area 1.0 cm3s a duty of the potential that the electrode. Take it unit activity for both... Check out Answer
The current flowing through a 100-m-long conducting wire of uniform overcome section has actually a density of 3 × 105 (A/m2). Discover the voltage drop throughout the size of the wire if the wire material has actually a conductivity that 2 × 107... See Answer
A Hertzian dipole is a quick conducting wire transferring an approximately constant current end its...... ... Observation suggest Q(R, in a spherical coordinate system, and also (b) The magnetic ar phasor H(R,... View Answer
teacher Plus consumes mead, and his demand duty for tankards the mead is given by D(p) = 100 ? p,...... (d) What is his network consumer’s excess from mead consumption? watch Answer
on April 30, 2019. One year prior to maturity. Weber firm retired $200.000 that 9% bonds payable at 101. The publication value that the bond on April 30 was $197,600. Bond attention was last paid on April 30 , 2019. What is the obtain or ns on the retirement that the bonds? watch Answer
O’Reilly Manufacturing, Inc.’s cost of items sold for the month finished July 31 to be $345,000....... ... Prepare a explain of price of products manufactured because that the month that July. 2. Prepare a schedule come compute the prime price incurred throughout July. 3. Prepare a schedule to compute the conversion... View Answer
1 1 2. Prove 1++ 2 4 1 2 +...+ 2" 1 for every n20 . 2" 3. Prove (11)" - 4" is divisible by 7 when n is a confident integer. N° (n+1) 4. Prove 1+2° +3 +...+n because that all hopeful integers. %3D 4 watch Answer

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compare Nusselt predictions based on the Colburn. Dittus-Boelter, Sieder and also Tate, and Gnielinski...... ... And Tate, and Gnielinski correlations for the totally developed unstable flow of water in a smooth circular tube at Reynolds numbers of 4000, 104, and 105 as soon as the average mean temperature is... Watch Answer