together Destiny 2 players continue to hunt because that the elusive Chronicler title, Bungie"s ar manager actions in to clarify some confusion.

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As Destiny 2 begins to wrap up its longest season yet in time for the upcoming Beyond Light extension, players room scrambling to finish their weekly quests over time for the turnover. While some players space running through the weekly raids to collect the loot lock need, others are rushing to complete their lore publication collections over time for Destiny 2"s following sprawling storyline. However, due to the restrictions of part weekly missions, players are finding out that they might never catch up in time.

When Destiny 2 players collect every entry from all 10 that the required lore books, they have the right to earn the Chronicler title, i m sorry comes with a distinct seal and username tag. However, due to the fact that the number of entries per mission can variety from 10 come 25, completing the mission have the right to take weeks come complete. Among the many demanding obstacles in collecting the Chronicler"s seal is the truth to strength lore book, which has 11 lore book entries to collect. However, players can only gain this lore once a week per account. To make matters much more difficult, players deserve to only include to the lore book on weeks wherein the Dreaming City"s curse is in full effect, make them run the mission once every 3 weeks.

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Unfortunately, Bungie will certainly be removing the Chronicler title at the end of the Season that Arrivals. Following this announcement, number of players immediately realized that the reality to strength lore book"s time-consuming run will certainly make it difficult for castle to earn the title gradually for its exit to the Destiny Content Vault.

Although numerous fans ~ above Twitter and also Reddit have dubbed for Bungie to remove the fact to power requirement, Bungie"s community Manager dmg04 proclaimed on Twitter the Bungie would not be an altering the reality to Power ritual to do it much easier for players to knife lore, or be removing the requirement from the Chronicler title, stating the it would end up remaining "out that arms" reach" for those unlucky players. Relocating forward, dmg04 promised that Bungie would certainly improve interaction with players on as soon as it planned come sunset certain parts of Destiny 2.

Players mostly expressed confusion and also disappointment v Bungie"s decision. While numerous Twitter individuals announced the they personally would certainly be can not to collection the title in time, part fans on Reddit wondered about why Bungie would sunset the location in the an initial place, considering that most of the level this title requires are no disappearing from Destiny 2. Others were less sympathetic and also pointed out that the Forsaken content the Chronicler location is from has actually been available for over two years at this point.

even if it is or no Destiny 2 players procrastinated in earning the Chronicler"s seal, that is disappointed to hear the Bungie will certainly not readjust the game"s requirements to help fans collect this achievement in time. However, Bungie walk seem identified to far better notify that is fans once it will certainly vault content, pointing to current updates top top its website. Hopefully, these extra steps will avoid a similar problem because that completionists in the future.

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Destiny 2 is out now for PC, PS4, Stadia, and also Xbox One.

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