Make an educated selection by discovering who to side with, the Drifter or the Vanguard, as component of the Decision allude quest in Destiny 2.

The Allegiance quest line in Destiny 2 kicks off v the Decision Point. This is arguably the biggest decision any type of Destiny player has actually made since deciding even if it is they want to waste an Exotic top top a hefty slot. Players will need to choose whether come side through Drifter or the Vanguard.

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While i can’t tell girlfriend which one come choose, I deserve to hopefully elucidate girlfriend on the pros and cons of each side. Therefore let’s obtain to figuring out whether to side with the Vanguard or through Drifter.

Who to side with in Destiny 2

There is no “right” side to choose as component of the Decision point quest in Destiny 2. The route you select to walk will certainly depend entirely on your an individual opinion and also your perspective. You may prefer the ideological background of one side end the various other or you might prefer the unknown or the known.


Siding v the Drifter

Players have only known the Drifter due to the fact that the relax of Destiny 2: Forsaken. The was introduced as a mysterious character v unknown motivations and goals. If players have actually had restricted interaction through him, he has brought about a hot brand-new game mode: Gambit.

Despite only knowing him a brief time, the Drifter has proven self to be incredibly resourceful. That has many contacts ranging from the fallen Kell, the Spider, to among the deep enigmatic Nine. His usefulness and also willingness to make it through at all expenses could come in handy.

Although he could dabble with things outside of the Light, the understands the dangers. That sees the unwavering followers of the Traveler as brainwashed. His whole perspective that the Traveler, the Guardians, and Ghosts room a direct an outcome of his experience trying come survive during the Dark Age. That feels this method despite the truth he has a Ghost and also is thus a Guardian such together yourself.

Choosing come side with the Drifter means potentially ignoring the Vanguard, being pursued by the fanatical Aunor, and also maybe encountering the wrath the Shin Malphur.


Siding v the Vanguard

The Vanguard has actually been a staple in the life the players due to the fact that Destiny debuted earlier in 2014. Though they might not be as energetic in the field as the player, they organize one tenant close come heart: safeguard humanity. Through siding v the Vanguard, players are selecting the side they have constantly known, one the has fought for Earth and for the Traveler.

Although the Vanguard has experienced trouble, through Zavala suffering a sort of PTSD and also Ikora an gift crisis, it’s all been due to the fact that of the onslaught the the Darkness. In the end, many thanks to the player, the Vanguard rallied, battled back, and also continues to fight because that what is right.

Siding with the Vanguard method working v Aunor. This secret Warlock is part of the Praxic Order, a sect committed to expunging those that would job-related with the Dark. However, despite they attract a difficult line, lock stick by their rules. If no proof is found, no activity will be taken. Their goal is to prevent a instance where one more soul is lost to the Dark, consumed and also corrupted.

Choosing to side v the Vanguard method continuing under the route you have walked because Destiny 1. It method being at odds with the Drifter and also spying top top him because that Aunor.

Making a Decision: Drifter or the Vanguard

No matter which side you choose, Drifter or the Vanguard, girlfriend can pick the various other side on an additional character. However, the an option you do cannot it is in undone. Her decision will certainly likely have long, rippling results on the story – despite the degree of these results is not known.

Picking a token is long-term per character, to select wisely: Drifter or the Vanguard.

It’s also important to understand that both selections lead a similar path. Both sides endure the same missions, simply with some different flavor. However, there are a couple of small objectives in the Vanguard an option that aren’t mirrored in the Drifter’s path. Similarly, those the opt to side through the Drifter will require to finish a few Strikes, if the Vanguard side will not.

Outside of this differences, both sides will have actually players visiting Spider, travel to Titan because that a quest, playing Crucible and also Gambit, and hunting under Drifter’s tapes top top the EDZ.

Though the initial choice is drastic, there’s a good chance both political parties will finish at the same endpoint, just with various perspectives of the same event.

If you’re still not too sure who you have to side with, review over our finish walkthrough that the Decision Point, Allegiance quest. In this guide, we information every solitary step, and list many of the flavor text.

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Choosing who to side through in Destiny 2, the Drifter or the Vanguard, is no simple feat. Some players might need days to deliberate over whether to remain loyal come the Vanguard or win out and also put your confidence in the unknown. No issue what next you choose, very own your decision and fight for what you think is right. Be sure to examine out the Destiny 2 finish strategy guide for much more helpful articles.