Idiomatic expression in are vital part the the language. You recognize you’re no a beginner anymore when you begin using them naturally as a learner.

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Idiomatic expression in space words and phrases that have actually a different an interpretation from the literal definition of each word. A good English example for this would certainly be the expression “hold your horses.” The expression is supposed to protect against someone from exhilaration impulsively and has nothing to perform with actual horses. Idiomatic expressions in work the exact same way!

Today, we’re going to look at idiomatic expressions that have actually the word tener in them. Tener often method “to have,” however when supplied as an idiom expression it have the right to mean “to feel.” Tener is an irregular verb, for this reason it’s also important that you practice it a lot. Examine out our article on tener conjugation to find out all about it.

20 idiomatic Expressions v ‘Tener’

1. Tener que ver

Tener que ver means to be related to or pertained to with something. As soon as you say something tiene que ver with one more thing, you’re saying that they’re related somehow. Friend can also say no tiene que ver to speak that 2 things have actually nothing to do with every other.

Tu gripe tiene que ver con que no usaste suéter en el frío de anoche. Your cold is related to not making use of a pullover in critical night’s cold weather.

Haber llegado tarde no tiene que ver con el tráfico. Your gift late has nothing to perform with traffic.

2. Tener ganas

Tener ganas means to want something or to feel prefer doing something. You have the right to use it to talk about foods, drinks, or activities that you want (or desire to avoid), depending upon your mood.

Tengo ganas de ir por un helado de galleta de chispas de chocolate. I’m yearn a coco chip cookie ice cream cream.

Para serte honesto, no tengo ganas de ir a la fiesta del sábado. To be honest, ns don’t feel choose going come the party top top Saturday.

3. Tener un hambre que parecen dos

This idiom expression is the dad joke of idiom expressions in When you speak tengo un hambre… it way to to speak “I have actually such hunger…” yet un also way one. So as soon as you to speak tengo un hambre que parecen dos, you’re saying you have a hunger that looks prefer two hungers. That a lame joke, however a an excellent play on words that will aid you understand idiomatic expression in a tiny better.

No he comido desde la mañana, tengo un hambre que parecen dos! ns haven’t eaten due to the fact that morning; i’m starving!


4. Tener tiempo

If you’re facing a tight deadline, you will do it be using this expression fairly a bit. Tener tiempo translates to having actually time, and also you use it similar to that.

Busy students and also professionals space usually quick to to speak no tengo tiempo! But they always have time to fulfill up v their friends, nothing they?

Tengo tiempo de reunirnos mañana para decorar la casa. I have time to meet tomorrow to decorate the house.

Me gustaría planear el debate, pero no tengo tiempo. I would favor to setup the debate, yet I don’t have time.

5. Tener tiempos

Tener tiempos has a different an interpretation from tener tiempo. The phrase way “it’s to be a lengthy time.” You deserve to say this come a friend who saw Canada for your masters degree, about that publication you read once you to be little, or when you finally eat the cake you’ve been saving in the fridge for a unique occasion.

¡Pablo, tengo tiempos de no verte! ¿Cómo has estado? Pablo, it’s to be so long! How have you been?

Wow, tenía tiempos de no venir a mi vieja casa. Me da mucha nostalgia. Wow, it’s been so long due to the fact that I came to my old home. Ns feeling an extremely nostalgic.

6. Tener mala cara

Tener mala cara means to have actually a grumpy, sad, or generally negative face. You normally use this as soon as you an alert someone is having a poor time or as soon as you’re having actually a poor time yourself.

Perdón si tengo mala cara hoy. Sorry if I’m the personality is bad today.

No pongas mala cara, la tormenta va a pasar pronto. Why the long face? The storm is finishing soon.

7. Tener en cuenta

Tener en cuenta means “to save in mind.” You have the right to use this expression to repeat you or who else around important details that shouldn’t be missed!

Ten en cuenta que mañana es feriado y la tienda estará cerrada. Keep in mind that tomorrow is a holiday and the save will it is in closed.

No olvides tener en cuenta la alergia al maní de tu tía para la cena de mañana. Don’t forget to save your aunt’s peanut allergy in mind because that tomorrow’s potluck dinner.

8. Tener lugar

Tener lugar is used to talk about having space. This room can it is in a seat next to you ~ above the bus, an are on her schedule, or even an are in your mind or heart! any type of kind of genuine or imaginary an are applies to this phrase, so go wild and also give room to your imagination when using these idiomatic expressions in!

Tengo lugar en mi carro por si quieres venirte a la playa el sábado. I have room in my vehicle if you want to pertained to the beach on Saturday.

Mi mente no tiene lugar para pensar en vacaciones en este momento. My mind has actually no an are for thinking about vacation appropriate now.

9. Tener la piel de gallina

This phrase is the indistinguishable of having actually goosebumps. This idiom expression in can be used when you’re scared, in love, or once your favorite 11-minute strength ballad access time the high note simply right.

La hermosa voz del cantante me puso la piel de gallina. The singer’s beautiful voice offered me the chills.

La película de Coraline me pone la piel de gallina. The movie Coraline provides me goosebumps.

10. Tener razón

This is among the favourite idiomatic expression in that many world during arguments. Tener razón means to it is in right, and it walk feel an excellent to it is in right, when the facts check out, the course.

Tenías razón, tirarse de clavado en la piscina era una mala idea. You were right, diving right into the pool was a poor idea.

Tengo mis razones para no decirte lo que sucede en el siguiente episodio de nuestra serie favorita. I have actually my reasons not come tell girlfriend what wake up in the following episode of our favorite series.

11. Tener memoria de pez

I need to admit that i fit into this idiomatic expression in rather well sometimes. Similar to Dory from Finding Nemo, tener memoria de pez means having a terrible memory. This is sort of unfair for fish, however, since their bad memory is just a myth. They actually remember things better than we offer them credit for!

¡Perdón por olvidar traer los vasos, tengo memoria de pez! Sorry for forgetting the cups, I have a an extremely bad memory!

12. No tener pies ni cabeza

When you come up v a bad idea or an aimless plan, you deserve to use this phrase to explain that. Translated as having no head or feet, this phrase is provided when things make no feeling or when plans have no structure.

Tu plan no tiene pies ni cabeza. Piénsalo mejor antes de hacer algo. Your setup has no rhyme nor reason. Think about it much more before you carry out anything.

La escultura no tenía ni pies ni cabeza, era una masa amorfa de colores mezclados. i couldn’t make heads or tails that the sculpture; it to be an amorphous blob of mixed colors.

13. Tener sangre azul

This phrase method “to have royal blood.” You can use this to do a joke around how great you are, or to slam someone who’s gift a complete jerk. Simply remember the in the end, every the chess pieces are blocks of wood once they go earlier in the box, also the king.

Ningún rey ha tenido la sangre verdaderamente azul. No king has ever before had yes, really blue blood.

Yo sé que soybean beans agraciado y refinado, es porque tengo sangre azul. I understand I’m graceful and refined; it’s since I have blue blood.

14. Tener pelo en pecho

This phrase is offered to define a manly man, the solid guy that opens plenty of mayo jars and bravely takes spiders out to the garden with a cup and also some paper. Regardless of what your an interpretation of manliness is, you deserve to use this expression to explain someone that fits the bill.

Ramón sí que tiene pelo en pecho, logró arriar 30 vacas por su cuenta. Ramon certain is manly; he had the ability to herd 30 cows ~ above his own.

José me dijo que sí tenía pelo en pecho, que metiera la mano en el hormiguero. Pero no soy tan tonto. Jose told me that if i was guy enough, I’d put my hand in the anthill. But I’m no that dumb.

15. Tener gracia

Tener gracia can be offered in two various ways. The an initial one is offered to express once something is funny or entertaining. The 2nd one is provided to ask who to it is in graceful, or to take things seriously. It’s interesting how these two idiomatic expression in have actually opposite definitions despite utilizing the same words!

¡Pedro, tené gracia y dejá de jugar con la comida! Pedro, be serious and stop playing v your food!

Ese monito haciendo malabares en el semáforo tiene gracia. That monkey juggling at the stoplight was rather funny.

16. Tener ojos de cachorro

We’ve every been guilty that this one at some suggest in ours lives. Tener ojos de cachorro means to have actually puppy eyes. It’s usually used as soon as you want to ask someone to execute you a favor, like bringing girlfriend a liquid bar native the store or help you out with your homework. This won’t occupational on her teacher, therefore you’d much better take your vocabulary homework seriously!

No te voy a comprar ese juguete aunque tengas ojos de cachorro. I’m no buying you that toy also if you have actually puppy eyes.

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Mi novia me convenció de ir a ver esa comedia romántica porque tiene ojos de cachorro. my girlfriend persuaded me come go check out that romcom due to the fact that of her puppy eyes.