David’s time DC is a gathering ar for the Church the America to publicly prayer Jesus indigenous the highest allude of our country – the grounds of the White House.

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we are influenced by King David, who pitched a tent near his palace and also hired much more than 4,000 worshipers come minister come the lord there continually throughout David’s 33 year reign. David do worship central for his nation, and also it lugged blessing ~ above the totality nation. In prefer manner, the cry of our hearts is to minister come the Lord, day and also night, in prayer from our capital City. The same existence of the mr that remained in the Ark is now in us as the human body of Christ! ours desire is to make a statement to our generation that Jesus is Lord and also should be enthroned over every area of our lives and nation. Psalm 22:3 states, “Yet you space holy, O friend who room enthroned ~ above the praises the Israel.”


David’s tent is around defining a culture that is centered around publicly honoring Jesus. We desire to see worship in windy spaces end up being the norm, not a unique event. Amos 9:11 speaks of the repair of the fallen tent of David, definition that a descendant of David would as soon as again be on the throne. This is fulfilled in Jesus Christ, who has actually been crowned King of the Ages! David’s time DC is a nationwide confession the Jesus is mr of America and that we get Him as such.


A new normal is being set—that America’s funding city will be known as the ar where the nation gathers to prayer Jesus, simply as Jerusalem was known as the gathering place for worshipers in David’s job (Psalm 122:1-5). We check out a generation increasing that is jealousy to check out Jesus exalted in the highest possible places of ours culture. The thousands of worshipers from every 50 says who conference here each year are helping this new mindset take root, centering ours city and country on Jesus.

David’s tent DC is a celebration event of Jesus’ forgiveness and love. The focus is not in turning from ours sin, yet rather in turning to the mr Jesus! By doing the latter, we will accomplish the former. Allow us revolve our eye to Jesus! we invite every American to do a pilgrimage to DC and worship Jesus through us. Us plead with other countries to sign up with us as well and aid us honor God as we should!

Davids time DC was pioneered in the fall of 2012 with 40 work of constant praise top top the White house Ellipse. The vision was at first a smaller occasion at a local park in DC referred to as “McPherson Square.” as soon as the national Park organization (NPS) argued we do David’s tent on the White residence Ellipse, the planners that David’s Tent immediately knew it to be a “God Moment.” God to be beckoning to America that He was jealousy to be at the facility of our attention, not just a side-show.
 According to the NPS, they had never provided a permit for more than 14 work on the nationwide Mall, however they granted David’s time a 45-day permit. It was clear that in the midst of the foe coming in favor a overwhelming in America, God had produced an opening for his church. It was an chance that the church that America had actually to run to. And they did. The call went out, “Just worship for 40 days,” and 167 worship groups responded with over 10,000 attendees that first year. David’s tent DC 2012 was a vast success, also in the midst of Hurricane Sandy! we relocated during the hurricane, without the song breaking, to confidence Tabernacle, a church top top Capitol Hill one block native the supreme Court. After four days, we went back out to the White home Ellipse.
 David’s tent DC 2012 was incredible witness to the light and also love of Jesus. The 40-day staff of David’s time did a good job becoming component of the ar and society of the NPS and mystery Service security staff the we connected with every day. Coming and going every day for 40 days is many of time to become friends with those that work on site keeping a perimeter the protection about the President. It was in reality a staff member because that the NPS that was the first to indicate to united state that we should make David’s tent DC an yearly event.

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The feather of 2013 came through a large decision for the David’s time DC team. Do we in fact do this again? This wasn’t choice year; would certainly the Church that America still respond to the call? to be the incredible solution of 2012 primarily “election-urgency driven” or to be it in reality driven by “the worthiness that Jesus to obtain the offering?” No man can judge the engine of others hearts, therefore the David’s tent DC team simply had actually to again hear native the Lord. Do we take it up the board of directors to do this an annual event? The bottom line was the we had permission again indigenous the NPS to execute it, and also Jesus was still just as worthy that the offering in 2013 together he remained in 2012. We went for it, believing that David’s tent wasn’t just a one year event, but something that is to end up being a part of America’s Culture. This is just who we room now.The church of America passed another test. A brand-new normal was collection for America in 2013. 194 praise teams showed up in 2013, even an ext than in 2012! shortly after David’s time started, the federal federal government shut down. The first things to it is in closed were the national Parks–including the nationwide mall area and White house Ellipse. You might remember there to be news stories of world War II Veterans not being allowed to visit the closeup of the door memorial that had actually been do to honor them. Amazingly though, David’s time DC was enabled to proceed without absent a beat. The government of America closed, however the time of prayer to Jesus maintained blazing!
The astounding truth is this: David’s tent DC to be born the end of a miracle. It has remained standing together miracle. The NPS has actually not only offered us a 50 day permit for 2014, however has also indicated castle would take into consideration up come 120 days in the future! For everything reason, in a time when religious liberties are in jeopardy and also there appears to be an strike on Christianity in the general public square, God has actually made a way! us don’t take this because that granted, yet lean into it with all ours might. We have a allow to do this because that yet one more year. Let’s walk for it! us beckon girlfriend again to come and run into this breach v us, waving our banners high come Jesus! every year is a miracle! 2014 will be, too. Who knows what will happen? deserve to you watch the twinkle in ours Father’s Eye? Come and also make History with us! to our expertise no country has done this in their capital city due to the fact that King David in 1000 B.C.
Yet David did it 365 job a year for 33 years… There’s always room come grow! David’s Tent might just as well be referred to as ‘The Jesus Tent.” It’s feasible because that Jesus’ devotion, not David’s. The is the motivator of this love response! because that 2014 us are widening the tent from 40 days to 50 days. 50 days because that 50 states! We desire to encourage every 50 says to take on a day, rally worship teams from your state, and also come to DC to stand for your state (like congress does!) in worship prior to the Lord. Pennsylvania pioneered this for united state in 2013. Castle gathered worship teams from all over the state, adopted a day, and assembled with each other as a “House of Representatives” indigenous Pennsylvania for a job of worship in DC. Those fireballs native the Keystone state gained six various worship groups from throughout the state to each take a 2 hour watch, back to back, from sunrise to sunset. Because that Pennsylvania’s cool finale in ~ the end of the day, castle came together with the drummer indigenous one team, key-board player indigenous another, and also so on, do a joined team to praise Jesus on instead of of your state. We want to make the opportunity accessible for all 50 states. Check out this scripture: Zech 14:16-19. Is Jesus calling girlfriend to be the coordinator for your state? say “Yes!” and also email us and we can counsel you v that process. Worship
as the 50 day event draws closer we will certainly be posting a weekly schedule because that what’s happening at David’s Tent. A great way to stay in touch through the day come day is by complying with Becca’s Blog.
There room several various other David’s tent worship events happening around the nation this year. And also even one in the joined Kingdom. Continue to be tuned as we assist support those events. We all serve the same King! We would love to see a David’s Tent event in every state in America. Jesus deserves no less!
The best method to really capture the pulse of David’s Tent and infect your friends is to clock the Story of David’s Tent. Inspect it out HERE.
This year we have set aside 50 work for continuous worship. That’s someday for every state in the Union! We require worship leaders from each and every state come organize bands come come from your state! How numerous sets have the right to you to fill from her state this year? call us and also we will help you obtain it organized! call our worship coordinator HERE.

If you room interested in working v us, send us an inquiry and we will get ago to girlfriend as soon as we can!