across africa. Mitigate african resistance to european imperialism. Finish the slave trade. Rob afri of their society and traditions.

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end the slave tradewhile slave trade had actually been claimed illegal in the europe countries and in the USA complying with the civil war, in components of Africa,especially along the eastern Africa coast, Arabs trader were adamant of finishing slavery, and the sultan seyyid said would hear no one of it. Livingstone argued that Christianity to be the only means to deal with this menace. And also on his an initial stop in eastern african coast, he helped secure a number of slaves that were resolved at Rabai.

What to be the reform movement and how go the an excellent Awakening add to other reform movements? ​

alters took the state of social advancements for restraint, ladies" privileges, and the annulment of subjection. Social activists started endeavors to readjust jails and care because that the debilitated and also intellectually sick. They trusted in the perfectibility of individuals and also were profoundly moral release in their undertakings.




The acquisition of the Louisiana region really did double the dimension of the USA. The pacific was not yet available until Lewis and also Clark.

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Acts 19:24-41

24A guy named Demetrius, a silversmith who made silver temples of Artemis, carried no tiny business to the artisans. 25These the gathered together, v the workers of the same trade, and said, ‘Men, you recognize that we gain our wide range from this business. 26You likewise see and also hear that not just in Ephesus but in virtually the entirety of Asia this Paul has persuaded and also drawn away a considerable variety of people by saying the gods made through hands space not gods. 27And over there is hazard not just that this profession of ours might come into disrepute but likewise that the holy place of the an excellent goddess Artemis will certainly be scorned, and also she will be deprived of her majesty that brought all Asia and the human being to worship her.’

28 as soon as they heard this, they were enraged and shouted, ‘Great is Artemis the the Ephesians!’ 29The city to be filled v the confusion; and people* rushed with each other to the theatre, dragging v them Gaius and also Aristarchus, Macedonians that were Paul’s travelling-companions. 30Paul wished to enter the crowd, however the disciples would not permit him; 31even part officials of the district of Asia,* that were friendly to him, sent out him a article urging him no to venture into the theatre. 32Meanwhile, some were shouting one thing, part another; because that the assembly was in confusion, and also most of them did not know why they had actually come together. 33Some that the crowd offered instructions to Alexander, whom the Jews had pushed forward. And also Alexander motioned for silence and also tried to make a defence prior to the people. 34But once they known that he was a Jew, for around two hours every one of them shouted in unison, ‘Great is Artemis the the Ephesians!’ 35But as soon as the town clerk had quietened the crowd, the said, ‘Citizens the Ephesus, who is there that does not recognize that the city the the Ephesians is the temple-keeper that the great Artemis and also of the frosting that dropped from heaven?* 36Since these things cannot it is in denied, you must be quiet and do nothing rash. 37You have lugged these men right here who room neither temple-robbers nor blasphemers that our* goddess. 38If therefore Demetrius and also the artisans v him have a complaint against anyone, the courts room open, and there space proconsuls; permit them bring charges there against one another. 39If there is something further* you desire to know, it should be resolved in the regular assembly. 40For we space in hazard of being charged v rioting today, because there is no reason that us can give to justification this commotion.’ 41When he had said this, the dismissed the assembly.