I"m playing with Dark Souls on the PC. I"m a bit stuck on the very first boss, the Asylum Demon. I don"t it seems to be ~ to have the ability to successfully do the plunging attack when ns dive off the platform. So I"m having actually to confront him in ~ the bottom v a complete health bar. I also appear to be can not to carry out the kick attack and also the forward run attack. Every one of these room on RB or RT on the XBox. I"m playing v an old Thrustmaster joypad. I"m wonder if the joypad is the problem. Is anyone playing with on the computer using an XBox controller and also is able to effectively pull turn off these moves?

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It might be the controller as I have personally had countless old controllers like the thrustmaster and honestly discovered them to be pretty bad, i cannot really answer if that is the controller together you are the just one v your controller, if anything look in ~ it in the setups (Control dashboard > Controllers) and also see if the controller reaction to switch presses quickly and also properly (As in advertise forwards and then letting walk doesn"t reason you to take a step back.

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The second thing is it could be dark souls, dark souls has actually a details timing to countless of these attacks that take it time to get use to. There room delays in swings due to the fact that your character has to attract their sword earlier or pull your foot up and kicks requires specific timing.

The timing because that the kick is to push the assault button and forwards at the precise same time. No one contempt ahead of the various other but virtually exactly in ~ the exact same time, the reason is occasionally you desire to move forward and also attack and not kick so the time is particular to ensure girlfriend kick once you desire to kick and also attack any type of other time.

Secondly the plunging assault requires you to not jump off or roll off initially. Ns don"t recognize if you"re law that but it will delay your attack. Simply walk turn off the ledge in ~ the boss and as soon as you begin falling hit the strike button and also you have to perform a plunging attack. It deserve to actually be excellent a tiny too late and also seem choose you"ll miss it just for it to land.

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I use a PS3 controller v a device to make it role like a XBOX 360 Controller and the game reacts perfectly as well it and also I have the right to perform every these attacks just fine.