Dominus Ghaul (Destiny) after ~ stealing the light is maybe to usage the strength of Guardians yet its irradiate is Corrupted.

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Mandarin (Marvel Comics) Eclipse Leo (Fairy Tail) utilizing Dark Regulus a dark version of the light based assault of Regulus.

It doesnt aid that hes withstood 2000 year of Sanity Slippage from being trapped in human type or the hes shaped by the id of mortals about him, most of whom view him as a terrifying monster.

What that chaos is meant to represent varies; randomness, entropy, destruction and being unpredictable are common traits the the god the chaos.

Many gods of chaos space outright evil, and also fall under the God of evil label.

Maybe they have a morality incomprehensible come mortal beings, assuming castle arent just insane or totally mindless, the is.

Theyre usually an Eldritch Abomination together well, who are often linked with chaos and disorder anyway.

Sometimes theyre a much more neutral trickster number or good Gazoo, though couple of can be referred to as outright good.

If they have actually a goal outside of amusement or cultivating chaos, its either opposing order or trying come bring around a civilization of Chaos.

If religion Is Magic, those that worship the God the Chaos would use Entropy and Chaos Magic.

If yes a optimal God, the God of Chaos is frequently either The Anti-God or the setups Satanic Archetype.

If the Primordial Chaos appears, the god of chaos could represent or be it.


Unusually for this trope the embodiments that order and chaos occupational together instead of opposing each other, and created the In-Betweener to represent dichotomies and balance in nature.

Predating reality, its an ideas is to destroy the multiverse so as to return come the serene state of naught it as soon as came from.


Oddly enough, that speaks totally in Haiku, which is a form of poetry through rigid rules, yet what do you mean from a God that Chaos - consistency.

Chthon is the source of Chaos Magic, i beg your pardon is so dangerous that magic individuals suppressed any type of knowledge the its existence.

While at first treated as evil with physician Fates Arch-Enemy Mordru gift a mr of Chaos, later on stories have shown chaos in a much more sympathetic light.

Hell turn people he considers girlfriend into pets on a whim and also sees no harm in leaving them the way.

Due to his nature that is entirely unpredictable and dangerous, though no malevolent.

Dark and Light Chaos Essence series As The

He very first appeared in the Goro: Prince of pains miniseries as the one who takes him turn off the very first game to be his champion.

He was one of the initial Chaos Lords who brought about the creation of the universe and also sought to undo the mistake.

They speak come Lady Deaths organic father Tvarus while he is imprisoned and also are responsible because that his corruption.

Hes pretty much simply a stand-in because that the Devil, best up to looking like your traditional scary large red demon, yet his chaotic nature is reflect in his disordered mindset.

Its been referred to as the nuclear Chaos, and also is the eventual source of every the various other bizarre gods and also monsters in the mythos.

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The outer Gods herald Nyarlathotep likewise represents chaos together the Crawling Chaos however is an ext about leading to discord and also panic ~ above a human level than large cosmic upheaval.