Owls are simply so cute v their large round faces and also fluffy-looking bodies and don’t get me began on the small owls, castle are just too cute to it is in real.If you additionally think owls space cute then you need to examine out this ultimate list of the cutest owls in the world.There are about 250 varieties of owls in the world however these 15 need to win the challenge for cute owls.Owl cute lock all space (did you check out what i did there!)
15 Cute Owls You have to SeeElf OwlBoreal OwlBurrowing OwlSnowy OwlSouthern white-faced owlFlammulated owlSpotted OwletCrested OwlWestern Barn OwlJungle OwletPygmy OwlSpectacled OwlUral OwlEastern Screech OwlLittle Owl


Elf Owls space the tiniest owls in the world and also who doesn’t think tiny amounts to cute. They are just the size of a sparrow and also they live about the mexican border.They weigh around 1.4 oz (50g) which is less than 2 slices the bread. Castle are just 5 inch (14cm) long and can easily fit into the palm of your hand.

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These cute owls, in breakable black and white coloring, elegant the forests at night in phibìc America and Europe.They silently glide through the forest and the male will certainly court the mrs by feeding her for up to 3 months before nesting. How cute is that!They space only about the dimension of a robin and the males have the right to be fifty percent the dimension of a female. Their large white face discs framed through a dark border at the peak looks like large bushy eyebrows i beg your pardon helps v the cute factor.


What’s no to love around this long-legged little cute owl that runs around and also hides underground.These owls’ long legs make them watch comical, along with the flat appearance of your heads.They are smaller sized than a crow and also live in the west US, Mexico, Florida and the Caribbean.

Harry Potter made this white owl gyeongju up the charts the the cutest owl. The gorgeous coloring and also fluffy feet space so cute.They watch cuddly because of their thick feathers to store them warm, yet watch out as these ferocious hunters have the right to eat 1600 lemming in a year.They live in Canada, Alaska and sometimes northern US states. 

The mustached look resulted in by the feathers hanging over the mine helps provide this owl the cute look. Southerly white-faced owls also have cute ear tufts and also white face discs frame the feathered beak area.They live in Africa and also are around 10 inches long (12cm).

Flammulated Owls are little cute owls that room only just bigger than a sparrow and have big black eyes set in their tiny round heads.They breed in western us states and also spend the winter in Mexico and main America however they are hard to spot together they room so small and spend most of your time at the optimal of trees.
These cute tiny owls live in Asia and are only about 8 inches lengthy (20 cm). Their rounded fluffy appearance gives them a cute owl look. 
Wow, look at those amazing ear tufts that give this owl that is cute appearance. Talk about a showoff. The crested owls’ gentle buff color and also striking white tufts really present off the cute little heads of these owls. This cute owl lives in main and south America and also has come be one of the cutest owls around.

Barn Owls room so graceful and also cute looking v the white heart-shaped face disc and black penetrating eyes.These cute owls have the right to be discovered everywhere other than in polar and desert regions. 

Jungle Owlets’ cute rounded illustration and tiny rounded heads room adorable. They absence ear tufts which do their top look small and cute.They about 8 inches (20 cm) long and live in India feeding top top insects.
Tiny owls need to be few of the cutest and the Pygmy Owl could just be the cutest of the tiny owls. They are tiny, round and fluffy so that wins the cute element for me.They room only roughly 6.5 inches lengthy (17 cm) and also weigh just 2 oz (60 g) about the exact same as a tennis ball.There are 29 species of Pygmy Owls an international and the north Pygmy Owl live in western phibìc America.
No other owl looks together striking together the Spectacled Owl. Your dark round heads emphasize by the white feathers, do this owl therefore cute to look at. The white bellies really comparison with the dark heads.They live in main and southern America and are rather large, being up to 20 customs (50 cm).
Large pale face discs and black eyes really help with the cuteness that the Ural Owl. The delicate mottled brown and white coloring and rounded head additionally give this owl cute appeal.Ural owls live in north Europe and northern Asia in forests.
A cute stocky owl is about the size of a robin. The east screech owl is the shade of tree bark and lives in eastern united state states.

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Little Owl’s name is cute for a start and its flat head offers it a cute appearance. They room 8 inches (20 cm) so no the smallest owl yet cute nonetheless. They live in Europe, Asia and North Africa. 
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