What you will certainly make:

Create a chain of document dolls by cut multi-folded file strips. Find out this basic record cutting technique with record dolls, climate let your creative thinking run wild! Cut document chains v themes because that every season and every distinct event. They do wonderful decorations because that parties, classrooms, and also your home.

This craft task is great for family, classroom or team craft time. With a tiny preparation by the adult or teen leader, this project is both quick and easy for groups of kids.

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This craft features bilateral symmetry—two halves that are mirror photos of every other.

Learn much more about symmetry and also explore file cutting in these associated crafts: file Flowers - Fold record squares in fourths, then reduced out flowers. the contrary in Snowflakes -Fold and also cut squares of file to do snowflakes.

Here"s what girlfriend need:
Lightweight computer system or craft paper Pencil Scissors Optional: fancy paper, cardstock and tape
This project is rated really EASY to do.
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Before you startMake a location to work.Read every one of the directions.Gather whatever you must do the project.Think around the project. Imagine just how it will certainly look and what friend will perform with it.

How to Make document Doll Chains

Read every one of the steps before starting.Step 1: project Preparation

Read with the project and also gather the products needed for producing chains of record dolls. If you room doing this craft v a group, precutting the strips of record will do the craft go faster.


You may likewise want come make some doll templates to be traced. Create your own or download and also print Aunt Annie"s patterns on cardstock.The templates are in two sizes. Pick the dimension that ideal fits your strips of document after folding, and adjust as needed.

Step 2: Cut record Strips

Cut strips of record that are approximately 4½" through 12" from lightweight craft paper. If you space using computer system paper, reduced each sheet in fifty percent lengthwise come make 2 4¼" by 11" strips.

If you are planning come use building paper, it is ideal if shorter strips are offered to minimize the mass after folding. Try strips that are 4½" by 6", wrinkles in 4 equal part to reduced a chain of two dolls.These much shorter chains have the right to then be taped together.

Step 3: Fold record Strips

Fold the paper strip right into eight same sections the accordion pleats.

1) fold the strip in half, equivalent edges and making a spicy crease.2) wrinkles one edge ago to satisfy the fold simply made, and also crease. Turn the paper over and repeat v the other edge. Now you have 4 equal sections—continue urgently to make eight sections.3) wrinkles the height layer ago to accomplish the facility fold, turn over and repeat.4) open up the center fold favor a book. There space three great on every side v a single layer in the center.5) fold one next of 3 layers in to accomplish the facility fold. Repeat through the other side.6) wrinkles the center fold ago to complete the accordion folds.

Step 4: attract Doll

With the reduced edge that the folded strip to the right, draw half of a doll along the left (folded) edge through arms extending to the cut edge.

Step 5: cut Dolls

Hold the folded strip firmly and also cut carefully approximately the doll outline. Do not cut along the folds.

Unfold the paper strip to disclose your chain of dolls.

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What other shapes or objects have bilateral symmetry and also could be made into record chains?

That"s the you are done! usage your creativity to create more file doll chains!


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