Over my year of advising civilization on exactly how to job-related with your gemstones, I’ve found that plenty of of girlfriend have similar questions about how to cleanse your gems. Due to the fact that of how an essential cleansing is to keeping your gemstones working their best, I began to collection the inquiries (and answers) because that a blog post. It shortly became apparent that I had actually compiled sufficient to develop a five-part series! 

First, for those of girlfriend who space new—and not so new—to therapeutic gems, us can’t state this strong enough: Be certain to cleanse your gems regularly! Cleansed gemstones simply work far better and are less likely come break as result of the buildup of unwanted energies released by friend in the food of their work—a.k.a., “energetic breakage.” Luckily, cleansing is as easy as it is important.

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Each upcoming post will answer her questions about a various cleansing method. Remain tuned because that Q&A’s about Plant Rejuvenation, Water Rinse, sunlight Bath and Clay Bath.

Part 1: Salt Bed

We take into consideration the Salt Bed the universal cleansing method, because it deserve to be supplied to cleanse all therapeutic gemstones!

What is a salt bed?

A salt bed is just a class of dry salt that you remainder your gemstones on. It’s the easy. Salt’s absorbent nature draws the end the released, undesirable energies that have built up on the gems’ surface. The salt bed is ideal for all gemstones, which provides it a good go-to if you room not certain which cleansing method you have to use.


What is the ideal salt to use? have the right to I use Himalayan salt or sea salt?

The finest is plain table salt that does not contain iodine. Back you deserve to use any salt, because we use it because that its absorbent nature, it’s best to use the "emptiest" salt available. Salts with a high added mineral content, choose sea salt and also Himalayan salt, have less capacity for illustration out energies. Exception are Mother of Pearl and also Coral (for example, in Angelfire and Dawn Light); because these gems have an affinity v the ocean, sea salt is especially an excellent for cleansing and also rejuvenating them.

I can’t find table salt there is no iodine. Have the right to I use salt v iodine in it?

Yes. Although it’s not preferred, salt through iodine is yes if the is every you have the right to find. A good alternative is kosher salt, i beg your pardon is simple to find and does no contain iodine.

What should I put the salt in, and how lot salt have to I use?

Any dish or bowl the will hold a class of salt one-half to two inches deep. I prefer using a vast ceramic bowl so I have actually room to cleanse numerous necklaces in ~ a time.

Can I use the glass jar the my necklace came in?

Our glass jars perform not allow for sufficient surface area of salt come cleanse most gems. But they are an excellent for storing your gems. We indicate using a different container because that the salt bed, therefore you can put away her gemstones after did you do it cleansed them.

Do I need to bury my jewel in the salt?

No. You may lightly press your gems into the salt, however they execute not need to be extended by it.


How regularly should I readjust the salt?

Every two weeks.

TIP: The discarded salt blended with baking soda and also white vinegar renders a great tub scrub!

How frequently should i cleanse my gems in the salt?

For many gemstones that you space wearing daily, at the very least two to three times every week. Part gems require much more frequent cleansing, so be sure to check out the individualized information cards the came with your gems for more details. Because gems work better when they’re cleansed, I discover it’s a an excellent habit to cleanse them after every use.

How long should ns leave my gemstones in the salt?

At the very least an hour come overnight. I find it is finest to take off my gemstones at the end of the day and place lock in the salt. Then I know that by morning they will be cleansed and also ready to wear again.

Can ns leave my jewel in the salt as well long?

Yes. Salt is naturally corrosive, so friend don’t want to keep them in salt for number of weeks in ~ a time. Castle can also get dirty again sit in salt for long periods. The OK if friend forget your gems in the salt for a couple of days, however a good habit is to clean them and then automatically wear castle again or placed them in their containers. 

TIP: If your gemstone necklace has a yellow “box” clasp, be sure to near it prior to placing her gems ~ above the salt. This will protect against salt from obtaining stuck in the clasp.

Can ns cleanse much more than one necklace in ~ a time in the same salt?

Yes! you will desire to make certain that every necklace has actually its own room on the salt—meaning, don’t heap them on optimal of every other. Make sure all the jewel in the necklace are emotional the salt. The bigger the diameter that the bowl, the an ext gems you can cleanse in ~ a time.

For softer gems, like mother of Pearl and also Malachite, we recommend put a obstacle between the salt and also the gems.

Why is that, and also what type of barrier?

Salt might be a little abrasive because that our softer gems. Because that these, we indicate placing a natural-fiber cloth on peak of the salt and then placing her gems ~ above the cloth. You can use cotton, silk, or hemp cloth (a handkerchief functions nicely). Other instances of softer gems space Sodalight, Fluorite, Rhodochrosite, Apatite, Indigo, and Lapis Lazuli and the mix necklaces that contain these gems.

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TIP: If you discover that the salt is messy or sticks to your gems, you deserve to use a natural-fiber barrier for any kind of gem, not just the softer ones i’ve listed.

Know your Gemstones

Not all gemstones are best cleansed the same method or through the exact same frequency, so ns encourage friend to check out the individual care and also cleansing instructions uncovered on the information card the came with your gems. You can also find this details at ugandan-news.com in the exactly how to use tab on every gemstone’s committed page.

Detailed indict on each cleansing an approach can be uncovered here.

Tune in following week to read around Plant Rejuvenation!

Questions? our Gemstone Advisors are happy come answer them. Contact us in ~ 800.727.8877. Happy Cleansing!