Day 2: 5 Cow tasks for Kids

Next up in our pet safari adventure is cow day! Let’s acquire moooooving and enjoy part farm pet fun through these 5 funny cow tasks for kids. A fun-filled day awaits through these cow-themed snacks and games.

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Fun Fact: walk you know that a cowhas 32 teeth? Acowwill chew about 50 time in a minute, making their jaws move about 40,000 time a day! it is a many chewing!

Craft: Cow Mask

Snack: Cow Sandwich

Game: Farm pet Match Game

Activity: Milk the Cow

Pro Tips: farm yard week is wonderful opportunity to discuss with her kiddos just how are food is sustainably raised and also produced. Exciting topics of conversation include: where perform fruits & vegetables come from? What is harvest season? whereby does meat come from and also different varieties of eating choices (vegan, vegetarian, etc.)?



Cow Mask

Kick the day off by making this amazing cow confront mask from This one is at sight easy, just download, print, color in the template, reduced it out and also glue the together! You’ll have the ability to walk about Moo-ing every day!

Download & Print



Cow Sandwich

Just wing it! yes no ideal or wrong as soon as it concerns food art, but this will be so much fun to shot and recreate. Use everything deli meat you have actually on hand, a small bit the bread, and let her kids assist decide just how to make the eyes through this great cow sandwich native



Farm pet Match Game

Download and also print this best-selling memory video game card set! v 20 cards, this game is great for eras 3-6 and also fun because that the whole family. Make it more difficult by timing yourself!

Download & Print



Milk the Cow

This kid’s task from is supervisor easy and so much fun! merely mix some white repaint with water (or you can use genuine milk if that going bad and you have to use it up) and fill increase a glove. Usage a black color sharpie to attract on the glove and also use a pushpin come poke a totality in the end of every finger.



Click, Clack, Moo

Check out this awesome Cow book for a funny bed time check out to end the day! Or, if you currently have a farm yard themed book, dust that off and also continue to reap today’s template =).

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Don’t forget come reflect on every little thing you’ve learned while you to be horsing approximately today! Cows indicate nourishment and motherhood! This is a an excellent opportunity to talk to her kiddos about how they were fed as a baby. Were they breastfed, formula fed, miscellaneous else? exactly how do humans shift from milk to solids? once did it happen for your small one and also how was the process?

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