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Don’t miss out on this number practice sheets because that preschool learners. They’re one easy means to tie in reading and counting!

Fun counting tasks for preschool kids based upon the shade word book Ten black Dots. Usage the book to exercise counting to ten. Then continue counting v numbered snacks, songs, and learning activities. Includes free printable counting mats that are the perfect number practice sheets.


Numbers space symbols that represent details quantities. This method that numbers room an abstract concept. Your preschooler is a concrete thinker right now, so numbers are a an overwhelming thing because that them come grasp. Place dots ~ above the ten framework helps the youngsters start to visualize and also experience every number.

Don’t concern if her preschool kid doesn’t seem to really know numbers. It is the concrete thinking brain of theirs. They most likely won’t grasp the whole idea the numbers till they have been in school a while.

At this stage, you space just structure pathways in the brain. It takes children’s several practice to make the connection between the symbol and also the quantity. It will click as their brain matures and they deserve to start to master abstract concepts and symbols.

Some that our favourite math activities include Unifix Cubes because that Preschool Math as fine as Ladybug Playdoh math Counting Mats.

I would encourage girlfriend to keep counting activities light and also fun. Pressuring kids to carry out the math prior to their brains are all set can reason unnecessary stress. We don’t desire to put our youngsters off math for life.


Other concepts for utilizing the matsRoll out playdough to form the numeral.Use a cotton bud dipped in black repaint to make the dots top top the number.Children can shade on the mat if castle wish.

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When you have finished the mat, asking your son to go discover the same number of objects. For example:

Let’s discover 6 carsCan you find 6 Lego blocks?Now count the end 6 crayons

Lay the objects in groups roughly the mat and say, “Look! We have actually 1,2,3,4,5,6 cars and also 1,2,3,4,5,6 blocks and 1,2,3,4,5,6 crayons.”

Count slowly and also invite your son to count along with you.



What counting activities have you tried? What kinds of tasks do your youngsters enjoy?