Come along catch a Heffalump,Sit through me ~ above a muddy clump,We’ll sing a song of days gone by <…>

We’ll dance and also sing it rotates sundown,And feast with abandon,We’ll sleep as soon as the morning comes,And we’ll climb by the sound of the birdsongs.

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Come Along

Based in London, Cosmo Sheldrake is a young composer, multi-instrumentalist, singer songwriter, sound artist, improviser and producer who influences range from timeless music and also electronica to folk and also jazz. Concerned with nature, environmental issues, climate change, the growing variety of endangered types and the to decrease in ecosystem biodiversity, his songs attract on nonsense, children’s nursery rhymes and the assorted traditions roughly the civilization who base their music top top nature’s sound – indigenous primitive people to modern-day classical and also jazz composers.

His very first single Moss released in April 2014 collection the tone for his job-related to day – a clever mashup that nonsensical nursery rhymes over digital loops and also beats. Succeeding quirky videos experienced the musician collecting sounds and performing song live on a fishing boat, on a equine trap in Bulgaria, in the Budapest Baths or in a pigsty.

Following on indigenous the Pelicans we EP (2015) and also released on 6 April 2018 critical on Transgressive Records, Cosmo Sheldrake’s full-length début The much Much just how How and I is a marvellously eccentric record from begin to finish.

Louis Renard – Poissons, Ecrevisses et Crabes (1719)

Lavishly arranged, all songs have the right to be listened to as standalone instrumentals – so much so the to celebrate the very first year anniversary that the album, Cosmo Sheldrake released an all important version that The lot Much just how How and I together a digital download.

The LP cover as well as the inner sleeve all attribute stunning illustrations taken indigenous “Poissons, Ecrevisses et Crabes” through Louis Renard (1678 – 1746). The French-born and also Netherlands-based book dealer published his extraordinary “Fishes, crayfishes and also crabs, of diverse colours and also extraordinary forms, which are found roughly the archipelago of the Moluccan and on the coastlines of southerly lands” in 1719. Thirty year in the making, the rare and early natural background opus functions coloured illustrations of over 450 species of fish and also crustaceans uncovered in the eastern Indies, few of them slightly embellished – among the last engravings depicts a mermaid. In addition to the LP artwork, Renard’s illustrations were likewise used come choreograph among the two main videos for “Wriggle”.

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Listening come Cosmo Sheldrake’s songs is periodically tantamount come flicking through an early 20th century storybook of wonderful tales because that children. Some songs could well offer as soundtracks to plenty of of Georges Meliès surreal quick silent films. Developed by Matthew Herbert and also shaped by the musician’s lifelong attention in anthropology, ethnomusicology, soundscape ecology and music, The lot Much just how How and I is a unique genre-bending creation.