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- lucky bastard. -Lucky JEW bastard.

- Jesus, what does that need to do through anything?

- I"ve viewed that bastard sitting in his office, talking on the phone come the CEO, spinning a fucking menorah.

- no a menorah. Friend spin a dreidel.

- Oh, my God, you desire me to fry you up part fucking potato pancakes? part latkes?

- No, simply cool it through the anti-Semitic remarks.

- Oh, I"d forgotten. Bateman"s dating someone from the ACLU.

- He"s the voice the reason. The boy following door.

- speak of reasonable.

- just $570.

- no bad.



The ideal lines and the most famous quotes from the movie American Psycho (2000), featuring short sound bites which deserve to be used as ringtones or together custom computer system sounds.

Actors: Christian Bale (Patrick Bateman), Willem Dafoe (Detective Donald Kimball), mock Lucas (Craig McDermott), Reese Witherspoon (Evelyn Williams)

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