We pertained to a point where among my teammates actors Comprehend languages, however I still spoke in Druidic (actually simply for the lolz, however it still raised the question):

Does Comprehend languages permit the target the the spell to understand mystery languages such together Druidic?



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We have actually three various things to look at here.

Comprehend Languages says...

For the duration, you recognize the literal an interpretation of any spoken language that you hear.

It go on to talk about written messages, but this is all we have for spoken language.

Druidic says...

You recognize Druidic, the secret language that druids. You can speak the language and also use it to leave surprise messages.

Again, this is every we have for the spoken language. That outlines rules for noticing hidden written druidic messages and specifically mentions magic being helpful for understanding concealed writtings... Presume you an alert the blog post to start with.

In any type of case, it"s quite clear that Comprehend Languages helps with talked Druidic. There"s no coding or encryption to make what the speaker says carry anything other than "literal meaning".

Druidic is just a "secret" since they don"t tell other people around it. However, it"s kinda favor Fight society - it"s only a mystery because the rules make it a secret, protection by obscurity. There"s nothing beyond the game rules the make it so.

Thieves" Cant says...

During your rogue training girlfriend learned thieves’ cant, a mystery mix of dialect, jargon, and also code that allows you come hide message in seemingly common conversation. Only another creature the knows thieves’ i do not know understands such messages. It takes 4 times longer to convey together a blog post than that does come speak the very same idea plainly.

Thieves" Cant is different. That isn"t really a language at every - it"s a device of coding surprise messages inside another language. Nobody speaks Thieves" Cant by itself.

Comprehend Languages specifically claims "literal meaning" that the spoken words.Which method it wouldn"t job-related with Thieves" Cant, as Thieves" Cant is all around coding a mystery message in ~ the literal message spoken. The literal an interpretation and the actual an interpretation are not the exact same thing, it"s steganography.

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Comprehend Languages functions on Druidic, yet not Thieves" Cant since Thieves" Cant isn"t in reality a language.