You’ll gain to see how easy it to be for Katie, a real patient, to enhance her smile.

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Best of all?

Her cosmetic dentistry treatments were quick, painless, and also affordable.

Why Katie want a far better smile

In her very own words,

“I never ever liked the spacing between my former teeth and also how they looked small.”

She felt that her old laugh wasn’t what she want to present off come the world.

But she didn’t know her options.

You see, she liked her smile, but she wasn’t in love with it.

She wasn’t looking for an invasive or irreversible smile makeover, simply a conservative method to boost her smile’s herbal beauty.

So, she scheduled a free consultation with our Fargo dentist, Dr. Derek Harnish.

The solution?

Based on Katie’s preferred goal and budget, Dr. Harnish recommended:

Esthetic bonding: Hides laugh imperfections by including tooth-colored composite resin top top a tooth. Gum contouring: Reshapes the gum line to change the figure of teeth’s length and remove gummy smiles. Teeth whitening: gets rid of stains and also discoloration and whitens teeth, making them look healthy, youthful, and also attractive.

The result?

Here’s what each treatment accomplished:

Esthetic bonding (also known as tooth bonding, dentist bonding, or cosmetic bonding) closed gaps in between her former teeth. It additionally made her teeth a more proportionate size in retrospect to she facial features. Gum contouring (also well-known as gum reshaping) made she teeth appear longer and also gave symmetry follow me the gum line. Teeth whitening changed her dull, old smile into a vibrant, memorable smile.

Do you understand what all these treatments have in common?

They no remove any type of healthy tooth structure!

This was specifically wise decision because that someone together young together Katie to save healthy tooth enamel and structure for under the road.

Katie’s new smile after dentist bonding, gum contouring, and also whitening


What go Katie need to say about her smile now?

“Now I have no skepticism smiling through beautiful teeth that complement me!”

Katie is a an excellent example that sometimes you nothing need extensive dental job-related to attain a better-looking smile.

Treatments favor esthetic bonding, gum contouring, and also teeth whitening will perform the trick!

Plus, they’re normally pain-free, much less expensive 보다 veneers or orthodontics, and also done in one appointment.

Want to learn more about Katie’s treatments?

Dr. Harnish answers the peak FAQs below!

What you must know around dental bonding, gum contouring, and whitening

These conservative treatments may be every you need to fall in love with your smile!

What is dental bonding?

Dental bonding is a cosmetic dentistry treatment offered to fix nearly any laugh imperfection, including:

Gaps in between teeth. Chips and also cracks. Stains and discoloration. Boy cavities. Mishappen teeth. Uneven or irregularly shaped or sized teeth. This that space too small. just how does dental bonding work?

Here’s a rapid overview of esthetic bonding in Fargo, ND:

Dr. Harnish chooses a dentist composite resin shade that matches your tooth shade. Her tooth’s surface ar is easy etched, and a fluid agent is used (this ensures the bonding product sticks and lasts). The tooth-colored composite resin is very closely applied. Dr. Harnish shapes the product to hide flaws, look at natural, and achieve your preferred result. The material is hardened v an ultraviolet light. Dr. Harnish polishes the this to mix in with your neighboring teeth.

Cosmetic bonding commonly takes one appointment!

What room the advantages vs. Defect of dentist bonding?


only takes one appointment. Procedure is painless (you may not even need an anesthetic because that bonding or whitening!). Lasts up to 10 years. Looks and also feels natural. Hides many smile imperfections. Less expensive than veneers. Doesn’t eliminate tooth structure.


Doesn’t last as long as veneers or crowns. Not as long lasting as veneers or crowns. Not stain-resistant. Subject to chips and breaks relying on use.

What is gum contouring?

Gum contouring reshapes her gum heat to:

eliminate excess gum organization that gives off “gummy smiles.” do your this look longer. Provide you a symmetry gum line. exactly how does gum contouring work?

Before your procedure, you’ll it is in numbed through a regional anesthetic, therefore you’re comfortable and also pain-free.

Then, her dentist will resculpt your gum line with a soft organization laser or scalpel. If substantial work is needed, sutures might be used for healing.

Gum contouring typically takes one to 2 hours.

The benefits of gum contouring: You’re excellent in one appointment. Long-term results. Doesn’t alter any kind of tooth structure. Can improve oral health. Boosts your smile’s herbal beauty.

What is this whitening?

Teeth whitening is normally the easiest and most affordable method to improve your smile.

This treatment clears stains and discoloration and also makes your teeth whiter and also brighter.

There are a ton of various brands, but the 2 main species are:

Over-the-counter teeth whitening: What friend buy at the keep (like Target), has actually a weaker whitening solution, and requires multiple sessions. Professional teeth whitening: provided by a dentist (usually an in-office therapy or take-home trays), has a more powerful whitening solution, and also can it is in customized to her goal. The benefits of professional teeth whitening: removes surface and also intrinsic (deep) stains. Longer-lasting results than over-the-counter. Help you watch healthy, youthful, and also attractive. Create a lasting very first impression. Minimizes the figure of smile flaws. Can whiten your smile as much as 8 shades lighter in just one appointment. Capability to minimization gum irritation and tooth sensitivity (common side results of generic this whitening).

Are these steps permanent?

Dental bonding is no permanent. Top top average, dental bonding will certainly last 5 to 10 years. It’ll at some point need come be replaced or touch up as result of wear and tear or discoloration.

Where the bonding is placed plays a large role in exactly how long it’ll last. Generally, if the on a tooth offered to bite or chew food, it’ll need replacing much more often.

If this is the case for you, you have the right to maximize that is longevity by staying clear of habits prefer chewing ~ above ice, biting down hard, or making use of your this to open up things prefer packages. Simply remember, this bonding is not as solid as your natural teeth!

Another thing to save in mind:

Bonding is no stain-resistant. If girlfriend smoke or drink dark beverages, such together coffee and also wine, her bonding product will stain much more quickly.

Gum contouring is permanent. Girlfriend don’t need to worry around it ever before again!

And lastly:

Teeth whitening is not permanent. To store your smile white year-round, you’ll need to maintain it through in-office or at-home treatments.

How lengthy your teeth whitening outcomes last will count on your behavior like spend stain-causing foods or drinks, dental hygiene, etc. It can vary between a few months and a couple of years.

But the great news is:

Professional this whitening is stronger and more effective than over-the-counter methods, so your results will last longer!

How lot do castle cost?

The costs vary a lot depending on where friend live, the degree of job-related needed, products used, etc.

To give you a baseline, here are the average prices in the unified States:

To uncover out exactly how much any of these treatments will price you in ~ Arch Dental, schedule a cost-free consultation!

space they spanned by insurance?

Most dentist insurance plans will certainly not cover dental bonding, gum contouring, or teeth whitening since they’re thought about cosmetic.

However, if you require dental bonding because that preventative or restorative reasons, insurance may cover it.

To discover out about your insurance allowance coverage, speak to them because that confirmation.

Are these solutions worth it?

Generally speaking:

Yes! dentist bonding, gum contouring, and also teeth whitening are all worth it if you’re in search of an inexpensive, non-invasive, and also quick means to boost your smile. Katie is proof!

But ultimately:

It’s up to you!

To understand for certain, we recommend scheduling a consultation through a cosmetics dentist near you. Then, friend can discuss your distinct smile, goals, and also weigh your different options.

Want Dr. Harnish’s professional opinion?

Contact Arch Dental for a complimentary virtual consultation for cosmetic dentistry in Fargo, ND.

In just three straightforward steps, you’ll get Dr. Harnish’s professional opinion on how to improve your smile, and also he’ll answer any kind of question or comes to you have.

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