Come home Love: Lo and Behold (Chinese: 愛·回家之開心速遞; literally "Love returning Home, Happy Delivery"), alternately recognized as Come house Love: Happy Courrier, is a 2017 day-to-day half-hour Hong Kong sitcom produced by TVB, starring Lau Dan, Angela Tong, Koni Lui, Pal Sinn, Mandy Lam, Andrea So, Joyce Tang and also Kalok Chow. That is produced by regulation Chun-ngok who additionally produced the three previous Come home Love. Filming began in January 2017 and also is filmed together it airs. The collection premiered ~ above February 20, 2017, airing every Monday with Friday on Hong Kong"s TVB Jade, Malaysia"s Astro Wah Lai Toi and Australia"s TVBJ channels during its 8:00-8:30 afternoon timeslot, with an expected 180 episodes. As result of the show"s popularity and high ratings, the has since been extended to 900 episodes and also now airs seven days a week. In September 2020 the present aired that is one-thousandth episode.

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The story revolves roughly the Hung family, their work-related lives and also friends, and in earlier episodes Lung King Fung"s heart that the Hung household befriends as among the family.

Hung Shu Kan (Lau Dan) is the head the the Hung (Chinese: 熊) family members and additionally the owner that a transfer company. Shu Kan"s younger brother, Hung Shu Yan (Pal Sinn), is a photographer who comes to live with his larger brother. Other members that the Hung family: eldest daughter Hung Sheung Sin (Joyce Tang) that is away in the united States however later returns home; assistant manager that marketing and second daughter, mary Hung Yeuk Shui (Koni Lui); college student and youngest daughter, Hung Shum Yu (Andrea So); and also University student and son that the eldest daughter, Kam Shing ~ above (Kalok Chow).

Early episodes concentrated on Lung King Fung (Andrew Chan), a affluent heir who passed away in a car accident simply as Hung Shu Yan to be taking pictures nearby. King Fung"s spirit was transferred right into the camera; just the Hung household and specific others that touch the camera can see King Fung.



Hung Family

Lung Family

First ChamberSecond ChamberThird Chamber

Fourth Chamber

Ma Mei Nathe fourth wife of lengthy Kam Wai, ex-wife

Zip Lung team / Wai Lung department Store

Cinda Hui Sze guy as 群姐 aka Isabella, Head caretaker of Zip Lung BuildingStanley Cheung together Kung Yip, Marketing director of Zip Lung Group, fiancé of mar HungLisa Lau as Yeung Yeung, works for Gong Yip in Zip Ling Marketing, girl friend of Chun WahEileen Yeow together Helen Shum, HR Director at Zip Lung, former girlfriend of KC Ng, previous girlfriend of john WuJanice Shum as Rebecca / Yip Pik Ka, HR Manager in ~ Zip Lung, fiancée that Chan Siu Kuen, broke up v him after he stated he didn"t love her.Angela Tong as Ko Pak Fei / David Ko, girlfriend of Hung Shu Yan, team command on Wai Lung Department keep operations teamKiko Leung together Anita / Kong Wai Kiu, sister of Venus, functions on Wai Lung Department store operations team, previous life insurance salespersonPeter Lai together Ma Pau, works on Wai Lung Department keep operations team, landlord that David KoAndy Wong as Chan Siu Kuen aka Iron challenge Chan, Head of defense at Zip Lung, previous fiancé of Rebecca Yip, previous student that Headmaster TamJim tang as Ivan Chan, it Director in ~ Zip Lung Group, fake relationship with might (Gong Yip"s former girlfriend prior to Mary Hung).Eddie Li as Chun Wah, works in Finance in ~ Zip Lung Group, friend of Yeung YeungGregory Lee together Ho, functions at very first Love CafeCandice Chiu together May, present secretary for Linda Lung Lik Lin, ex-girlfriend that Gong YipPhoebe Chow as Tam Ho Ching aka 垃圾清 garbage Ching, former secretary of Linda Lung Lik LinStanley Cheung as Kung Yip, fiancé of mar Hung and also Marketing Manager in ~ Zip Lung Group

Speedy Bear

Hong Kong Island University

Kalok Chow together 金城安 Kam Shing On,son that Hong Sheung SinRicco Ng together 朱凌凌 Chu Ling LingSky Chiu together 艾頓壯 Ai Ton Chong aka Ah ChongAaryn Cheung together 王國 George Wong, academy organization partner that Hung amount Yu, dorm roommate the Chi Ji HaoCheung Sze Yan as Lee Mok Sau, love to win stalker of Chu Ling Ling, actuarial science student.Judy Kwong as Venus Kong Pak Wai, ex-girlfriend of Chi Chi Hau, younger sister that Anita Kong (Wai Lung department store)Sophie Yip as Candy

Chiu Wai movie Making Company

Andrew Yuen together 潮偉 Chiu WaiWilliam Chu together Sing, an individual assistant to Chiu Wai

Chi family members / Tai Chi

Ricky Wong as Chi FuHero Yuen together Chi Ji Hao, child of Chi Fu, part-time driver/bodyguard that Lung Kum Wai, ex-boyfriend the Venus, college student at Hong Kong Island University, dorm roommate the George Wong, kung fu college student of Hung Shu KanKitty Chung together Chi Mei Lai, daughter that Chi Fu. She had a like on Kam song On and was once love-rival of Bonnie.

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Song Family

Dylan Leung as Philip 仔 / Philip Song, boy of tune Shui Fai, student at moral Rebuilding major School

Chu Family

John Chan together Martin Chu Chin, dad of Chu Ling Ling and Chu believe Tai, companion at law firm, owns family house in MacauKelvin Leung together Chu tin Tai, older brothers of Chu Ling Ling, lawyer that works for Chu Chin"s firm, enthusiasm is making HK layout pineapple buns

Tam Family

Wing Chun Chan as Headmaster 譚道德 Tam come Tak, father of BonnieHelen Ng together Tam Ho Yung Yee, mother of BonnieIris Lam together Bonnie / Tam Yuk Ying, girlfriend of Kam Shing On, student at Hong Kong Island University


Michael Miu and Michelle Yim appeared as a cameo as themselves in episode 997 as spokesperson.Bobby Au-Yeung appeared as a cameo "Bobby" on illustration 606 (Ending only) and also 607.On episode 606, the brand-new theme track was sung through the cast.The weekend that June 21, 2019, the actors held a meeting and also made a notification to the public around the design template song"s change.


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