After a marathon trial the lasted nearly eight months, Rancho Cucamonga developer Jeff Burum was discovered not guilty in san Bernardino superior Court on charges of aiding and abetting bribery in supposed scheme to obtain county approval the a $102 million court negotiation in donate of a developer.

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Jennifer Keller and Stephen Larson were co-counsel because that Mr. Burum.

The trial has actually received national coverage. Burum, together with former at sight Paul Biane, and also Mark Kirk, former chief of employee for then-county super Gary Ovitt, were found not guilty by the jury. A separate jury for a 4th defendant, former Assistant Assessor Jim Erwin, continued deliberations ~ above Monday.

Jennifer Keller, one of California’s height trial attorneys, stated the jury was able to return so quickly with unanimous verdicts, ~ a little more than a work of deliberating, due to the fact that there was no evidence proving the defendants’ guilt. “Had they had evidence to chew over, real evidence of guilt, or evidence that might even be interpreted as proof of guilt, that would have actually taken them awhile (to deliberate), however there wasn’t any,” Keller said. She included that jurors reported they were an especially troubled through the testimony of previous Assistant Assessor Adam Aleman, who admitted to lying come the cool jury and authorities, and county super Josie Gonzales, who was impeached numerous times about a 2006 China trip in i beg your pardon she alleged Burum lurked nearby while a previous assemblyman do the efforts to lure her come dinner through the two of lock – as soon as it was proven Burum was not in China in ~ the time. Burum produced a passport and credit map receipts for expenditures in Palm Springs throughout the China expedition to prove it.

After a nearly three-year examination by attorneys and investigators v the san Bernardino County district Attorney’s and also state attorney General’s offices, a grand jury in may 2011 had indicted Burum, Biane, Kirk and also Erwin in connection with a controversial $102 million litigation settlement in between the county and Burum’s investor group, swarms Partners LP.

The November 2006 negotiation ended practically five years of boil litigation over who was responsible because that flood manage improvements at the Colonies’ 434-acre commercial-residential development in Upland, colonies Crossroads and Colonies at mountain Antonio. The settlement adhered to a scathing ruling versus the ar in July 2006 by now retired premium Court judge Christopher Warner, who attended Monday’s court proceedings. In the opinion, which ar Counsel Mitchell Norton characterized as “Armageddon” because that the county’s case, referee Warner ruled the the county, through fraud and also deceit, plot in negative faith in that dealings v Burum and the colonies Partners, and threatened public safety regarding the overwhelming control problems at Colonies’ property.

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Prosecutors alleged Burum paid $400,000 to Political activity Committees controlled by the three defendants and former plank of Supervisors Chairman bill Postmus, who later gotten in a plea bargain v prosecutors and also testified at the colonies trial. The money, investigators alleged, actually stood for bribes or payments for delivering the settlement. Yet after two days that cross-examination through Keller, Postmus recanted his testimony and also admitted no one of the PAC contributions to be bribed – as he had actually originally said investigators. Every one of the defendants pleaded not guilty, and said the PAC contribute were no payoffs for the settlement votes and also were legal, transparent, and also could be regarded online by the public.