07.09.2012: The consumer Finance protection Bureau (CSFB) posted proposed regulations regarding real estate settlements. Take a look if you dare; there space 1099 pages. Hint: The propose settlement creates begin about page 841. Click here.

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07.01.2012: great news for Virginia master refinancing their mortgages. Beginning July 1, 2012, you salary a diminished rate mortgage recordation tax for refinances. There were exemptions in the old law, but often the was complicated to fulfill the qualifications. The brand-new mortgage recordation taxation for refinances is about 27% lower. This represent an important savings in refinancing expenses in Virginia.

01.02.2012: Wikipedia has actually an informative conversation on title Insurance. Click here.

colonial Title Company, Inc.
A Full service Title and also Escrow firm

Since 1977, colonial Title firm has been giving real estate settlement service, location searches and also title insurance allowance products. Us also administer escrow account solutions for genuine estate and other transactions.

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We are experienced in the most daunting of transactions, such together reverse mortgages, short sales and also foreclosures. While we like the an easy and easy closings (who doesn"t?), transactions through seemingly "impossible" location defects are well within our expertise and also knowledge base. We are a little family own firm, and truly evaluate our clients and do everything it takes to satisfy their needs. Together a issue of fact, we have gone past the especially to obtain the deal closed.

complicated Case instance 1

We received notification 1 day before a booked refinance close up door that among borrowers had actually to make a sudden expedition out that the nation on a family emergency. We all set a power of Attorney, and sent a closer and witness to Dulles airport at 7pm to attain the required signatures. Had the closing no occurred, the loan lock and commitment would have expired, and the borrowers would have to start the loan application procedure all end again. The loan closed as scheduled!

Difficult situation Example 2

Simple revenue transaction, or so us thought! The title examination showed that, as result of a bad botched foreclosure 1 owner ago in the location chain, the current owner/seller did not host clear location to the property. Two banks were involved, v one to be no longer being in business. And also to add insult to injury, the original very first mortgage (supposedly foreclosed on by the lenderno longer in business) was never ever released. Three months later, the saleclosed through all location defects settled and the brand-new owners have actually avaluable owners title insurance money policy!