Medically the review by Debra climbed Wilson, Ph.D., MSN, R.N., IBCLC, AHN-BC, CHT — created by Valencia Higuera on in march 9, 2020

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Reduced tear production or raised tear evaporation can cause dry eyes, resulting in a gritty, itching emotion in the eye and also persistent eye redness.

It’s a trouble that affects numerous people, with typical culprits including allergies, environment, and also contact lens use.

Over-the-counter and prescription eye autumn can add lubrication. Yet while this remedies are effective, you can prefer a herbal remedy.

Maybe did you do it heard the coconut oil is a an excellent remedy for dry eyes. Is this true? and also if so, exactly how does that work?

This write-up will look at the purported services of coconut oil for dry eyes, including whether it’s safe for the eyes, and also how come use.

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Why use coconut oil because that dry eyes?

Coconut oil is extracted from a tires coconut. Choose other organic oils, that has countless health benefits.

When consumed, coconut oil is a resource of fat acids, which can raise good cholesterol and reduce the danger of heart attack and stroke. It’s additionally believed the coconut oil have the right to reduce hunger and also protect the skin, hair, and also teeth.

But what around your eyes?

When your eyes are dry, using an eye lubricant can easily restore moisture. However it’s likewise important to understand the reason behind dryness.

Bacteria or inflammation

Sometimes, dried eyes are as result of inflammation or bacteria — in which situation you’d need a steroid eye fall (anti-inflammatory) or an antibiotic eye drop.

Since coconut oil has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and also antibacterial properties, some proponents believe that using these oils as an eye drop have the right to naturally solve dry eyes pertained to these factors.

Tear evaporation or much less production

Other times, though, dryness isn’t due to inflammation or bacteria. Friend can likewise have dry eyes if her tears evaporate as well quickly, or if your eyes don’t produce enough tears.

Along v eye irritation and also redness, this can lead come blurry vision. Coconut oil might help reduce the irritation.

The problem is, there space no person studies ~ above the performance of coconut oil on dried eyes.

A pilot study, however, did evaluate the usage of virgin coconut oil as a lubricant or re-wetting agents in rabbits.

In the study, researchers divided nine rabbit into different groups, v each team receiving a different form of eye drop.

One team received virgin coconut oil, the other group received the product Tears Naturale II, and the third group received a saline solution. The rabbit were provided eye drops 3 times daily for 2 weeks.

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According come the results, virgin coconut oil successfully diminished dry eye in the team receiving these drops. That was just as reliable as the advertisement eye drops.

The study also found that the coconut oil didn’t damage the rabbits’ eyes, thus suggesting it’s safe for people to usage for dry eyes. However, actual research on people is needed.