Today ns sharing 2 cost-free Clifford the large Red Dog printables perfect because that pulling with each other a Clifford-themed date of birth party at a moment’s notice. Celebrating v a Clifford the huge Red Dog date of birth party has actually never been easier!

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This year my daughter asked for a Clifford the large Red Dog birthday party. Not the many easy template to pull-off, I should say. Therefore if girlfriend are dealing with the very same birthday party layout request, I’ve accumulated my favourite tried-and-true Clifford party decorations (including TWO complimentary printables!), Clifford party menu and also tons the Clifford-theme birthday gifts in one easy-to-browse gift guide.

I have actually A LOT to cover here, so grab a cup that coffee and use my comfortable Table that Contents below to find the Clifford birthday party inspiration did you do it been searching for:

CLIFFORD THE huge RED DOG date of birth PARTY

If friend think Clifford the huge Red Dog is a arbitrarily birthday theme? I’ve gained you, girl!

If your children are anything favor mine, they’ll come up through a random birthday party theme and also refuse to budge. Sound around right?

In years past my kids have asked because that a wide selection of random birthday party themes. They’ve asked for a volcano birthday party, a ‘peace on earth’ date of birth party and a pirate birthday party, none of which space super straightforward to conjure-up from off-the-shelf party decorations at Walmart.

I can not be the only one rushing roughly trying to create a memorable party based on a random party theme, right?!

So I started sharing mine real-life parties and also giving far party printables so other busy moms have the right to quickly and also easily recreate my arbitrarily birthday parties.

This year’s date of birth party theme: Clifford the huge Red Dog

This year as soon as I inquiry my then 2-year-old what sort of birthday party she wanted, without lacking a win she answered: Clifford.

Oh crap.

After scouring Pinterest and googling “Clifford the huge Red Dog date of birth party ideas” I uncovered some impetus to job-related with. However then it conveniently took top top a life of it’s own.


I’m below to tell you: you don’t need a ton that time and forethought to create a larger-than-life Clifford birthday party.

You can do this, mama!

(My jobs are inspired by the initial Clifford the big Red Dog Scholastic publication series and both the Clifford the huge Red Dog and Clifford’s Puppy Days animated series on PBS Kids. Any tiny Clifford fan will love this birthday party!)

2 complimentary Clifford the large Red Dog date of birth Party Printables

Today ns sharing 2 Clifford the huge Red Dog date of birth party printables to produce a puppy-themed menu and “doggy bag” birthday party favors in just minutes!


Free Printable 1: Clifford the big Red Dog Themed menu Card

The easiest method to combine a theme into a party is with the food. And this Clifford themed food selection is no exception.


I started with my 3-year-old’s favorite foods (pizza, chips & salsa, carrots & ranch) and got creative with the naming of every item.

Feel complimentary to use my printable Clifford themed menu in your party or simply as motivation to gain you started.

You have the right to print this Clifford themed menu as numerous times together you want and include it to each place setting or publish it only once and add it to a buffet together a focal distance point.


A basic tip for displaying each item ~ above the Clifford themed menu: cover her table in brown kraft paper and write the “name” of each item through a Sharpie. Basic peasy, right?!

Download my cost-free Clifford the large Red Dog food selection printable here!

Clifford the big Red Dog_PartyMenuDownload

Free Printable 2: Clifford the huge Red Dog Doggy Bag Party Favors

For a quick and easy party donate for her Clifford the large Red Dog date of birth party, grab some 5″ large clear cellophane bags and also whip-up a batch of Puppy Chow. It’s that easy!


For my free Puppy Chow Doggy Bag party favor download, click here!

Simply print, cut and assemble your treat bags.

Clifford the huge Red Dog_PartyFavorDownload

If you space in need of a recipe for Puppy Chow to include with her Clifford party favors, here is ours family’s favorite…

My family’s favorite Puppy Chow recipe


1 cup cacao chips1/2 cup creamy peanut butter1/4 cup butter1 tsp vanilla extract2 cup powdered sugar, divided


Place 1 cup that powdered sugar in a large gallon-sized Ziploc bag. Collection aside.

Measure your Chex cereal and also place in a huge mixing bowl. Set aside

In a tiny saucepan over low heat, melt the cacao chips, peanut butter and butter until smooth and also creamy. Row in the vanilla and immediately pour the chocolate mixture end the Chex cereal. Working quickly, stir carefully to coat the grain in chocolate.

Scoop the chocolate-covered cereal into the Ziploc bag (with the powdered street in the bottom). Add the other cup of powdered sugar end the top and also seal the bag tightly.

Shake the bag till each item of cereal is coated in powdered sugar. (You’ll need to work the cereal with your hands to separate.)

Open the bag and pour the grain onto paper towels to cool completely.

Store in one airtight container for united state to 3 days.

If you try this recipe, let me recognize what girlfriend think!

BONUS PRINTABLE Free Printable 3: Clifford the large Red Dog Gift Tag

UPDATED 1/2021 – mine daughter’s obsession with Clifford is quiet going strong. For this reason the Valentine’s Day following her birthday I decided to do my own DIY Clifford valentines.


Though I originally designed this printables come be offered as Valentines, they can likewise be supplied as gift sign for your Clifford themed date of birth party. The tagline “love makes little things grow” is totally proper for date of birth party gifts and also party favors (when paired v something like water beads together shown listed below or mini cacao hearts).

To download the Clifford gift tag, head to my Valentine’s job post!


Clifford the big Red Dog Themed date of birth Gift Guide

Since my daughter to be so obsessed with Clifford that she asked for it together her date of birth party theme, ns knew I want to obtain her a couple of Clifford birthday gifts as well.

She is a large fan of the Scholastic Bedtime Story crate set, the Clifford t-shirt ns whipped up using my Cricut (see below) and also Clifford stuffed animal she received.

Also, due to the fact that I have actually two holiday babies, it’s come to be an yearly tradition to offer Christmas accessories to match their birthday theme.


My daughter loved this Clifford Christmas ornament to commemorate her 3rd Christmas birthday.

For more Clifford themed birthday gift ideas, examine out the Clifford the large Red Dog gift overview below:


1. The Scholastic Boxed set I bought mine daughter | 2. Clifford Rocker | 3. The Clifford Christmas ornament ns bought my daughter | 4. Clifford the big Red dog date of birth t-shirt | 5. Children Clifford puppet | 6. Clifford large floor puzzle | 7. Clifford hooded bathtub towel | 8. Masterpieces Clifford equivalent game | 9. Clifford stuffed animal | 10. Clifford the large Red Dog date of birth crown | 11.

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children Clifford cushion | 12. Cute Clifford hair bow | 13. Clifford pillow pet

Clifford The huge Red Dog birthday T-shirts

You can add a personalized touch by producing Clifford themed birthday party shirts for the party.

You deserve to search Etsy because that Clifford date of birth shirts or make her own.


Given mine affinity because that all points Cricut, I had actually to make my very own Clifford shirts for the party. The is SO easy using the Clifford #squadgoals svg file native PremiumAwesomeSauce on Etsy.

To create your very own shirts, you can follow the procedure I use for any kind of personalized shirts (like these Mickey shirts, or these toddler t-shirts or even these girlie t-shirts).

If you make these t-shirts for your Clifford party, I’d love come see just how they revolve out!

Clifford the huge Red Dog date of birth Party Balloon Decorations

To round-out the Clifford theme, take the Clifford the huge Red Dog balloon kit I provided from Amazon. Head to your regional party supply store and have them inflate them with helium because that a pair bucks.


These balloons were a hit v the date of birth girl and held the helium quite well. They’re proceeding to give our living room a festive feeling over a main later!

I also grabbed a traditional “Happy Birthday” banner. The major colors worked perfectly v the balloons. Throw up part streamers and also call that a day!

Need an ext Clifford the large Red Dog birthday party inspiration?

Need even much more ideas for making your child’s birthday larger than life?Then inspect out my Clifford the huge Red Dog date of birth Party themed Pinterest board:


Are there any quick and also easy Clifford the large Red Dog birthday party principles I missed?

Leave me a comment and let me know if you have any type of ideas that must be included to this post. I constantly love hearing exactly how you strategy things differently and also creatively!

Reach out to me through your gift-giving questions!

If girlfriend recreate any of mine Clifford birthday party projects, I’d love to hear what friend think!

AS constantly – IF friend NEED help BRAINSTORMING OR developing A custom GIFT, PLEASE REACH out TO ME! I’D LOVE come HELP!