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KOREAN DRAMA CLEAN with PASSION because that NOW: illustration 11 LIVE RECAP

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Osol comes out of her room to discover Sungyeol sitting on his couch reading a book. She is startled. That puts his publication away as soon as he look at her and greets her, an excellent morning. She asks if the is going out so early? He claims that the is wearing his normal clothing.

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he stands up and tells her the he will make she breakfast. She tries come say that she is okay, yet he insists the he will certainly make she breakfast and lightly puts her on the couch in his seat and then proceeds come the Kitchen wherein he showcases his horrible chopping skills.

She asks if he needs anyhelp but he says, just Stop! do yourself comfortable! Brekfast will be excellent soon!

He renders pasta for breakfast(???) and also sets the pan on fire in the process, yet that might be top top purpose. Then he looks approximately the kitchen and also opens one room to expose that a chef already made a specially do dish. He privately grabs the dish and also puts Osol top top the table come eat it.

She is quite nervous and also shocked and also startled by everything. She is specifically startled when he puts her napkin on her lap because that her. She starts eating the food v him watching, so it is amazingly uncomfortable. She also coughs a little while eating because she is eating also fast, for this reason he tells her to eat slowly.

Then that tells she to prevent for a moment and also reaches over to clen her mouth.


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Cut come the sidekick friend that is at a restaurant v osol. But Osol is fully covered native head come toe as if hiding. Her and also her friend finish up eat so her girlfriend asks how things are going. Osol claims that that is therefore suffocating. The CEO is torturing me, maybe he is about to kill me. Jooyeon think it needs to do v his germophobia.

A flashback shows the pasta breakfast. Osol didn’t desire him come clean she mouth with his hands since she is dirty, she just woke up. However he says that the is fine and she is fine. Climate he cleans she mouth.

Jooyeon is surprised the he said that. Osol is every like, because that real, for real.

Another flashback shows Sungyeol getting to over Osols ago to obtain a plate. The tells her to ask that whenever she require something prefer this. Climate we see him cleaning a window and forming a heart through his arms as he cleans it. Lots and lots the hearts. Yet it might be Osols imagination.

Jooyeon thinks this is Bravo, Bravo, it happened so simply hook him. She offers him a love potion. The is a guy power drink that made her father come back from life top top the mountain. Re-superstructure it through your CEO. Osol doens’ think she should, but Jooyeon think it would certainly be great. Climate they start to complain about other things.

Elsewhere, Gwon meets with Choi, she is happy to accomplish with him and also knows the him together a doctor. That asks where our Osol is, friend took her to Busan, so tell me whereby she is.

Meanwhile, Sungyeol reads around how come seduce women. The internet says that he need to read books and also cook and also do things before she has to ask and also be a black knight when the woman is in trouble.

Then the doorbell rings. Sun-gyeol thinks it should be Osol. Why didn’t she usage the Key? He operation to open up the door and also says the he was waiting for her! but it is Choi at the door. Choi playfully says that he shouldhave come earlier if the was waiting for him. Sungyeol kind of freaks the end a bit around why he is there. But then the tries to pull himself togeher and also tells him that he shuold not use the patient info like that.

CHoi speak him the his address is in Minnesota. Then he starts to talk about how this is a pretty how and he constantly wanted to live in a ar like this.

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Choi end up formally informing him the he is his committed doctor Daniel Choi and also he will certainly formally take him on as a patient. Sun-gyeol is all like, mine doctor?

Cut back to the meeting with Choi and Gwon. Castle talk about Sungyeols condition and also how it demands to acquire better, so the is why Gil Osol is in the house? gwon likes that, but Choi thinks the is not the best decision, they have to think around this. If over there is no will certainly for the patient and help from a doctor, do you think the is possible? Gwon mentions the they had actually to try anything. The is worried about someone being hurt, she thinks it can benefit both, but he mentions that that just happens when you succeed.

Gwon goes to tell Cha the Daniel wants to take it Sungyeol on together a patient and also visit the in hello house. The father likes it. Yet Gwon is not certain if the CEo will accept it.

Back at the house, Sun-gyeol wonders if Choi is a good doctor or not. Choi claims that if the patient think he is a poor doctor then that means he is a bad doctor. But lets continue to be together and also find an answer to your germophobia. Sun-hyeol wants him to leave, what go he mean stay together?

Choi simply asks for something come eat and goes around looking roughly the house and also then do the efforts to open the bathroom door. SG offers banmal for this reason Choi asks why that is. Climate he states that he could do it to due to the fact that they will see each various other often.

But then, Osol unlocks the prior door. Sungyeol runs to the front and also tells Osol the he have the right to do everything, have the right to you walk somewhere, when you are done then i will certainly come back. However then Choi come out and pulls Osol in.

osol marvels what is happening, how did you know that i am here? SG asks if she told him that she was there. Osol claims no. She asks Choi if appa knows that she is there. Choi mentions it would be huge trouble if that did, he think you space in Busan.

Osol wonders exactly how the 2 of them understand each other. Sungyeol tries come say that he does not recognize him, yet Choi mentions that they spent so many nights talk together. SG tells him come tell Osol the they have actually nothing between them! refuse it! refuse it! Don’t look in ~ me choose that!

later on, they all sit top top the couch to talk around how SG and Choi knew each other as doctor and also patient. Osol think it is like fate. However SG denies that it is. Choi speak him that he is a super good doctor. They likewise start to complain around the usage of banmal. Osol division it up and tells lock both that she worried around it. She thought the CEO’s condition would obtain worse as result of her. She likewise knows that he cleans choose a mad guy at night.

Choi mentions that there is a an insect on the floor. SG tries to say that there room no bugs here! however Choi states that he saw a huge thing moving. SG hops up and also yells because that him to record it! Choi just smiles. SG thinks that no various other person can stay in his life i beg your pardon leavs Osol to wonder why she deserve to stay, is he thinking around dirty points with her? Choi mutters, pervert. Sungyeol claims it is not choose that.

SG ends up accepting Choi right into the house in bespeak to stop this awkward situation. Choi accepts and tells SG the he will certainly not regret it.

Elsewhere, Young-sik and Jae-min eat in ~ a cafe. JM to be kicked out of his residence so that looks choose Young-sik could be buying him something come eat. JM was kicked out due to the fact that his parent observed a movie he to be in and also disapprove. He states that that is yes, really okay.

Young-sik end up acquisition him right into his place, yet it is only a very small room apartment. It is choose a walk in closet and really just enough an are for one person. Lock accidentally make a most noise for this reason Young-sik has to tap madness the wall to say i m really sorry to them.

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Back in ~ the condo, Choi and SG complain about him still gift there. Choi stated that he needs to say goodbye to SG. SG simply wants him to leave. Choi starts come make movements like he has actually diarrhea and runs to the bathroom. Yet he comes out soon after and starts come leave v osol.

Osol asks what really happened. How do you recognize I am really here? walk you fulfill secretary Gwon? Choi asks if she think this is the right reason? girlfriend can’t even tell her family. I think you need to discover another method if you room doin this to help Odol. Osol thinks the lying is sometimes far better than telling the truth. Choi think she will regret it. Osol claims that she won’t, but even if she does, that is her responsibility. He agrees to aid her becuase that thinks that is much better than her doing the herself.

In the super tiny apartment, jaemin can’t sleep as result of the cramped an are and the Young-sik passes a lot of gas therefore he has to leave to get fresh air. However he runs into the manager/landlord and they both room kicked out. Castle both walk to sleep in ~ Dong-hyun’s place, DH tells them that they have the right to stay as lengthy as castle need.

In the condo. Sun-gyeol freaks out about Choi, who is sleeping lounging ~ above his couch and wearing his slippers.

But climate SG needs to leave come met v his father. That goes come his fathers place and also asks that if he think his germaphobia will be cured through this? Appa think he is complain now, but will give thanks to him later. SG thinks the nothing has changed from once he was a kid.

Meanwhile, Osol walk out through Sun-gyeols mother, lock are best friends now. Mae-hwa asks a favor, she wants Sungyeol to go to a certain location for her. It is announcer Kim Hae-won’s book signing. Osol likes the announcer and also asks if Mae-hwa knows she well? Maewell says that she to know her! i picked her together a daughter in law! SO have the right to you phone call Sungyeol to go there and also apologize about what that did before? Osol states that she can.

At home, CHoi and Osol talk about the therapy for Sungyeol. He needs practice to be exposed to the constant environment. However Osols mind is preocuppied through her conversations with Sungyeols mother. Choi asks her if something is wrong. She says no.

Sun-gyeol it s okay home, choi smiles and says the he is late. SG walks to his coffee table and also sees a lot of publications there. He tells them the he said they need to not touch his thinsgs. Osol apologizes, Choi claims that the is the one that review it. Therefore when should we have actually our discussion?

Later on, Osol quietly tries to offer Sun-gyeol the invitation and mentions his mother. That tells she to throw it away. She mentions that he must go there and also apologize. He speak her that it is not simply an invitation, do you really want me to walk there? I need to go there and meet her and eat and date? carry out you really no feel anything?

Osol – i told you, there space no feelings. I will leave this here.

She pipeline the invitation and also then pipeline the room. Sun-gyeol looks in ~ the invitation.

Choi takes a walk exterior with Osol, she asks if that heard around it all. Choi tells her yes, that ar is expensive but does not have an excellent sound insulation. He also tells her that he knows the the one she likes is Sun-gyeol.

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Choi marvels if lying is a an excellent thing. The seems favor a disadvantage. Castle don’t elaborate on this further and also continue v their walk.

Mini time run to Osol cleaning. It can be morning. Sun-gyeol comes the end of his room and says that he will be late because of the publication signing. She smiles and says okay. The heads the end to the book signing.

Cut to the publication signing at the Hwayugi library, for some factor everyone looks in ~ him. The anchor comes out smiling and greets him.

Back at the apartment, Osol thinks that Sungyeol is more than likely meeting the anchor now, why am ns so sad about that?

At the library, the anchor speak Sungyeol that sh was courageous to provide him the invitation. That apologizes around his courtesy that day. She accepts it. Yet then he says that he has no attention in her and also he does not think that he will ever like her. It is not due to the fact that she is not great or the she is no attractive, the is because he is in a one-sided love now. I also thought around using you to hurt her. I am not a an excellent person.

The anchor realizes that she is perfect dumped. He apologizes. She speak him to protect against apologizing to her, the is embarrassing. Over there is additionally a person taking a photo in the distance.

The newspaper article comes out and also says that Sun-gyeol and also the anchor room dating. The people at the agency read it and also think tht is amazing. But Sun-gyeol comes in talking on the phone about how the does not favor Kim Hae-won! i don’t prefer her! have the right to you readjust the article! Hello?! Hello?!

Jooyeon is ~ above a date and sees the the CEo the the cleaning company has a date scandal. She beginning cursing a lot.

Joo-yeon then calls Osol come talk about the article and tells she to come the end to drink. Osol claims she doesn’t want to drink, she is yes, really okay, she is working, she is the one that told that to walk there. The friend starts cursing a lot. Osol is every like, whatever, whatever, and hangs up.

Choi come in and throws the newspaper on the counter with the article. Bit he has a time border sale ~ above poster on top of it that claims there is lobster that will certainly be on sale soon! They finish up going to the grocery keep to wait for this time border sale. The human announces the it is starting! Choi starts to run to it with his shopping cart in addition to Osol. But a the majority of ajummas run to it together well. One of them is the happiness teller.

Cut come the luck teller and osol talking. The fortune teller states that she is sorry and also will refund she the money. Osol says it is okay. At least I obtained a job. The fortune teller is every like, are you Gil Osol??? is she the girl that you were searching for so much???

Osol is every like, huh? you were trying to find me? She looks in ~ Choi. The fortune novelist starts come talk around all Choi’s service so he stop her through a shish-kabob.

Cut to Choi driving them home and hopping the end of the vehicle in the garage. Osol asks what she was talk about. Choi speak her not to misunderstand, that is no a stalker. Osol asks if that did something wrong come her? Is he i m really sorry to her? are you hiding something?

he claims that that is no hiding anything…..

She says that if that is complicated to say, then you don’t need to tell me. Ns don’t know why you are sorry to me, but I give thanks to you more. I understand that you took me the end on purpose, i didn’t feeling good, yet now ns am refreshed with the maximum ground doc. You are choose this yogurt. Comforting anytime I have a difficult time.

Choi – What if that human is me? girlfriend know, that person that offers you comfort every year?

A vehicle honks its horn, that is the CEO.

Choi – an excellent timing.

Osol – huh?

Choi – nothing nothing….lets go up

Sungyeol sit in the car and thinks that he is therefore childish.

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Upstairs, they start to prepare the Lobsters. Choi speak Sungyeol the Osol came to be Husain Bolt and got the lobsters. They start to prepare it come eat. Sun-gyeol is jealous. The tries come sit and read together they cook, but he is to jealous to do it. So he turns on the TV yet the date gossip is on therefore he transforms it off best away. Osol operation to him and also asks where the butter is, Sun-gyeol starts to say where it is and additionally asks if she saw the news article? yet he couldn’t really acquire it out before Osol had to run earlier to the kitchen area v the butter.

Sun-gyeol ends up going to his office and says the he won’t eat lobsters. However in his office that thinks that he must eat the lobster. That is about to head ago out, yet he sees castle cooking and also grows jealous

When the food is ready, Choi set up the table come look really splending and they start to eat when Sun-gyeol comes the end in a hurry and also ests at the table. Castle both look at him yet then they start to eat it and also talk about all the they go to obtain the lobster.

Sungyeol starts to complain about the food. Osol asks that if he needs the alcohol opener? Choi states that he knows wherein it is and goes to get it, leave Osol and also Sungyeol alone. The is pretty awkward therefore Osol wants to leaving too, however SG blurts out, did you watch the news article? Osol mentions the dating, he states that it is no true, she states she is her fan have the right to I obtain a signature? SG i m so sad mentions the he can acquire it.

later on, the goes come his room to freak out about the situation. He starts to text that the scandal is no true, that dumped her and also told her that he favored someone. But he deletes it and also then writes, “You don’t know my heart.” and accidentally sends that.

Osol comes in right at that minute to ask because that the dishwashing detergent. SG asks if she knows wherein her mobile is? She claims that the is charging, why? SG beginning to speak blibber blabber about cell phones until Osol leaves. Climate he sneaks out and finds her mobile in her messy room. However, he does not understand the password. He tries a few numbers, yet it does no work.

So he thinks and tries some other ones. They don’t work. Then Osol comes in and also sees him.

OS – Um, what room you doing in mine room?

SG – Um…well….

She watch the text blog post “you don’t recognize my heart”

OS – maybe you sent out the not correct text?

SG – No, I sent out it come you, the scandal was every a misunderstanding. I asked the newspaper firm to change the article. I likewise told the anchor no to misundersand anything.

OS – Why space you telling me?

SG – just in instance it bothers you? Well….I….it bothers me. The human I prefer is Gil Osol.

OS – *flustered* i told you ns don’t want to date

SG – i don’t care, i am not asking you to day me. I just wanted to confess my honest heart to you.

Scroll come Choi looking in ~ the internet around articles on Sun-gyeol and his father.

the next day, Sun-gyeol gets to work and also sees Choi lounging. SG asks that why he left without saying goodbye. Choi mentions the he said him not to stroked nerves him. He got in because he is his doctor. SG mutters that he listens therefore well. Choi claims he should, that is his doctor. Climate he claims that they should do the consulation. SG mentions the he does no know exactly how much his father offered him, yet he go not desire to speak to him.

Choi mentions the he should acquire the treatment. SG states that he have the right to tell his father that he walk his work also though that did not. But Choi is not having that. That stands up and also tells SG the he looks so comparable to his grandfather. The is why they push each other. The exact same polarity cannot walk close to each other.

SG tells him that he doesn’t understand anything. He does not desire to change, for this reason don’t bother v my life. Choi states that he doesn’ desire to issue in his life, but it is for this reason screwed increase so he has actually to. Lets negotiate together adults. You hate me gift here, yet I need to fix you. If girlfriend don’t want to live through me forever in her house, why don’t you obtain the treatment. If that does not work then I will leave. It is a good suggestion right? 6 o’clock you leave work. Girlfriend are home by 7pm. I will certainly wait for you, pull nicely.

Choi top out and also runs into Gwon that smiles and asks exactly how his conversation was and also how Osol was. Choi asks Gwon whose next she is on.

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Choi says that that does not prefer sides, yet he has to know if she is the enemy or on your side. Then he to walk off. Gwon looks prefer she thinks around this.

Elsewhere, Osol meets with her cleaing crew in a funny reunion.

At the condo, Sungyeol wonders wherein Osol is. Choi claims that she sent her the end becuase it would certainly be a difficult time hear an honest an answer from him if who he cares about is around. He speak him he would close his arms and his mind.

they save arguing around the session. Choi tells him the he is a an excellent doctor, so lets try.

Choi speak him the he was surprised the he let outsiders within his private area. It looks prefer you space cured, yet this is just for Osol. SG asks what the actual reason is that Choi come there. He witnessed him confess to Osol, so space you afraid you can lose the one friend love? that is why you came. Choi tells him that he witnessed it for this reason he have to know, ns was dumped the day. So, if you space done asking, have the right to we start again today?

Outside, Osol says that she have to go back. Her cleaning team claims that she has to go back, for this reason she goes ago to the condo and also meets Choi first. He states that the session was good. Sungyeol comes out so Osol speak him that she is i m really sorry she smells like Barbeque, she will wash up. Yet he speak her that she deserve to take she time, then leaves.

Osol is all like, huh? CHoi speak her that she walk a great job. However then Choi gets a call around his girlfriend. Choi is every like, huh? cut to Osol’s father informing Choi to concerned the house! over there is a crazy woman attacking castle both!

Choi needs to run out. Osol asks what is happening, CHoi claims he will tell her later! later!Then takes off! Osol wonders what is going on. She tells Sungyeol that Choi had actually an urgent matter to to visit to. SG asks whereby she went therefore she says that she go to watch the clean guys.

But climate she starts come stutter and stamper once she claims that she was worried around him through CHoi around Choi and SG fighting and how she has to adjust right now! She runs off. SG is happy the she said she was worried about him.

They both think about this in their corresponding spaces.

Osol comes back out and is startled come run into SG again. They sort of speak in a flustered way to each other around drinking water. You go first…no you walk first….. He ends up drinking first. She looks at him drinking. She tells him, wait! the is….no….your throat must burn, that is really strong….are you okay?

He drank the man power drink the her friend offered her, lol. He to be only an alleged to sip it however he chugged it. He feels so hot and also wonders what the drink it. It has the capability to do him pass out, so he nearly passes out however she is able to gain him in bad. However, they autumn in bed with each other i nthe perfect sleeping position with his eight under her head. He is additionally passed out.

She looks at him sleeping and lightly touches his hair and also cheek.

OS – Sorry, ns don’t expropriate your heart. No, I try to overlook it your heart.

he wakes up together she touches his cheek. Then he bring away her arm dramatically and looks deep in her eyes. She is take away aback as her love starts come pound.

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Fade Out

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Sungyeol reads the write-up with Choi . The write-up says the Sungyeol actually resides with a man. The other short article was a trick. Climate it reflects a photo of Sungyeol walking through Choi. SG litter the article away. Choi looks in ~ it and also thinks, wow, this is me? need to we really? Choi pretends come kiss Sungyeol as he screams. Walk away!


SG – You fall in love with me (or you room attracted come me?)

SG – allows date, Gil Osol

SG – trust me

SG – for me, once I am through you I deserve to go anywhere

Cha – Sungyeol-i is dating someone?

Mom – Sun-gyeol loves Osol!

Gwon – one of the victims, to be it Gil Osols mother?

OS – all of you, leave!

SG – Don’t walk anywhere, simply stay beside me.

OS – Okay, i won’t walk anywhere

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