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Civilization"s Leader: Genghis Khan

Civ Bonus: Mongol Terror+30% Combat Strength when fighting City states or your Units. All mounted Units get +1 Movement.

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Unique Unit: KeshikRequires Chivalry, replace instead replace KnightThe Keshik it s okay 5 full moves through Mongol Terror. This is a ranged replacement because that the Knight, favor Arabia"s Camel Archer, only more popular since of how easily they gain experience and also spawn the awesome Khan. They have actually the great Generals i Promotion, and get 50% an ext XP native combat us - a truly powerful combination. This unit can fire ~ moving, an interpretation Cities (and even enemy Melee units) might not retaliate versus your attacks if you can get in a place to move forward, attack, and also step back.

Unique great General: KhanReplaces great GeneralAhh the Khan, what a beloved unit. This great General replacement can move 5 tiles unlike the usual 2, so the he deserve to keep up v your Keshik. That comes through the normal +15% CS bonus for systems fighting within two hexes, but additionally Enhanced Medic. That offers him the ability to include +15 HP to nearby units" healing.

Playing versus The Genghis AI - your Tendencies (XML Info and Flavors)
WarmongerHatredWonderCompeteOffenseBuildDefenseBuildCityDefenseDoFFriendlyto CivsDenounceCivsWar w/CivsDeceptionLikelihoodCSCompCS War
Other InfoGenghis is a right shooter, not likely to it is in deceptive and if friendly through you most likely to continue to be that way. One point you have to avoid if that is surrounding is offering protection to City-States. He will certainly bully them and that will force you come either take a diplomatic hit v him (VERY most likely to cause war) or shed 20 influence with the City-State you were protecting. Neither systems is good, so avoid it. Overall, if he"s her neighbor and also has no one else to choose on, you"re really likely to it is in his target. Send the after someone else - he most likely won"t need lot of a bribe to go to war. Just watch out that the doesn"t become a runaway once his an effective Keshik struggle the battlefield. If you desire to attend to him, carry out so before he gets them and also use plenty of Pikemen to respond to them.
Start Bias: plains
Since CS war is not very useful and can lead to problems, Genghis" genuine strength lies in the super-powerful Keshik UU and also the Khan, a special good General replacement.

Strategies/Ideas for playing Mongolia:Mongolia has actually the highest-rated distinct Unit in the game, according to a object rating Unit strength at CivFanatics, and after play them for numerous games, it"s easy to understand why. Their great General replacement is also awesome, and also comes in quantity as soon as you are overcoming entire continents through the Keshik, so you will have plenty to it is in in multiple areas and assist your units heal, while additionally having excess to exploit Citadels.

I suggest you emphasis on structure up your cities first. Focus on her Civ, tall or large depending top top what soil are available to you. Get those luxury techs and Libraries increase in your urban so that you can acquire a nationwide College, along with any structures useful based on surrounding conditions. You require Science to gain the Keshik out easily - due to the fact that the NC is therefore useful and also easier to acquire with fewer Cities, you might not want more than 3-4, so tradition is not a bad Opener because that Mongolia. Sweet your options, together Liberty may be far better in the long-run if you are going to have actually a huge puppet empire. Once you have Philosophy and also any techs you need based upon your surroundings, beeline because that Chivalry, prioritizing the techs along the means that you require most. Money is an especially helpful.You can gain Science and also Gold both from trade Routes, so definitely trade with one more Civ also if you"ll later be warring v them - the will assist you gain to Keshik faster and let you save up gold to upgrade some units. Get animal Husbandry early on so that you deserve to settle lands with Horses adjacent or dominate a City-State that has actually them. Girlfriend don"t want to depend on profession partners to have actually these, uneven you will be conquering a City through Horses automatically upon entering your first War. Lack of equines with these devices will incur a Combat punish that boosts the additional in the feet you are: through -4 horses I witnessed something like -22% combat strength, i m sorry is awful.

The Keshik upgrades from the Horseman and Chariot archer. Horsemen are cheaper to upgrade to Keshik (100) vs the Chariot Archer"s 135, yet the Chariot"s Combat endure is directly useful to Keshik - they will be fine on their way to having the most preferable upgrades if you simply gain a level or 2 from fighting Barbarians. Adopting honor to situate them will help with this, while also giving you more society to get much more useful Policies. You may war v City-States that have actually Natural marvels or excellent lands nearby, yet should primarily focus on fighting other worlds on your Continent. A battle too at an early stage will slow down her acquisition of the Keshik, however, and that is the time to yes, really bloom together a Warmonger when playing Genghis. I choose to construct at least a few Chariots and upgrade them to hasten the begin of the first war, together Keshik have the right to take 5-8 turns to construct each. During that time, your enemies will be farming stronger in defense, and we don"t desire that!

Combat with the Keshik is stupid-easy, and just a few can bring a City down, an especially once you"ve obtained a Khan. The only thing that really suck for them space Jungle/Forested Hills and Marshes. These will certainly take 3 moves, while cross a flow will remove all movement. ~ killing turn off units, friend should be able to position her Keshik roughly enemy urban in together a way that you are able to action forward, fire, and step earlier without taking any retaliatory fire. When the City"s defenses space down to 0, move in v a Melee unit and also make it a Puppet, then move on come the next City. You need to likely construct as plenty of Keshik as you have Horses (unless you have actually like 20 Horses). The much more you have, the an ext Cities you can fight at as soon as and totally overwhelm the enemy. I have been therefore aggressive that all Civs on my continent claimed war, which just put them in a position of entering my lands and also getting chewed up by Keshik until I had the ability to march on your Capitals.

As discussed above, the Khan has as countless moves as the Keshik and also works similar to a GG but with the enhanced Medic promotion. Unfortunately, systems will still have to take a rest to advantage from Medic and it does not work on the unit in ~ the Khan. However, your mobility method you deserve to move the Khan around to whereby he"s necessary for healing. Through March, this necessity goes away and units will heal through medic every turn. Given the Keshik"s survivability thanks to their capability to relocate after firing, you will most likely do better to obtain Barrage/Accuracy III come unlock the extra strike promotion. I prioritize castle in this order - +1 Attack, +1 Range, March, then walk for covering I-II just to make them resilient against ranged and provide Promotions the will help them after that when upgraded come Cavalry/Landhips/Tanks and also even Giant fatality Robot!

Keshik obsolete and also upgrade to cavalry with army Science, result in any type of Terrain Combat Bonuses and also the +1 selection Promotion to be useless, however don"t let that fool you. The other Promotions (extra attack, march, cover) will certainly make lock beastly and you should be able to use them all the way up to Tanks and also find them beneficial in warfare together with Artillery. With that in mind, after gaining Universities, girlfriend will want to sirloin for artillery to proceed your Warmongering. Keshik function against Cities through up come 30-40 Defense yet do threaten in power after that, and also you require an alternate when Cities start to obtain really high in population and wall surface up given the state of scare you will induce in them.

I didn"t talk lot at all about Mongol Terror, because I didn"t use the advantage of Combat Strength against City-States. With everyone on the Continent ruined by an army of Keshik, you need trade partners. You have the right to use a few internal Trade routes to send Food to the City v the national College, but having a couple of Cargo ships or Caravans trading v City-States will assist you assistance your Military. You also need Culture/Faith etc. From alliances just like any other Civ. Overall, i really do not like that bonus but found it beneficial when a CS had actually Lake Victoria in its borders. Attacking too plenty of City-States leader to them cultivation wary that you, and also may make it impossible to befriend them. So, offered all I"ve said here, the Keshik/Khan space the main benefits of playing Genghis.

Some think on Policies: You may want to protect against finishing Tradition/Liberty early, just acquiring the free settler/Worker from Liberty and save the golden e for later. From Tradition, obtain the very first 3 great policies and skip Oligarchy/Aristocracy until later. Execute this to grab the left side of Honor, offering you a free Khan and also further boosting their generate rate. Girlfriend can also benefit substantially when you"re wide and have plenty of Puppets, garrisoning units and also getting the +1 Happiness/+2 culture from the appropriate side that this policy tree. At that point, you may also finish the tree to get cheaper unit Upgrades/faster Military building construction and also Gold native kills. Business is additionally helpful for Mongolia, since you have the right to benefit more from the Luxuries girlfriend have. I could even avoid Rationalism and just go with those two trees aside from selecting an Ideology, i beg your pardon would certainly be Autocracy or Order. The very first gives Lightning Warfare and Total War, which grant incredible bonuses because that Tanks (those Keshik you upgraded) and also all various other Units in her Military, when the 2nd can be an excellent for your scientific research output by giving you a rise from Factories.

I LOVE Mongolia and also tried to share my very own strategies v them here. Ns didn"t really talk about Religion - in my last game I walk fine without one and adopting an additional Civ"s religion while trading through them assisted deter war for a time if I concentrated on my an initial targets. Share her tips below, I"d love to hear them and you"ll benefit others" gameplay by sharing any type of extra information or corrections you might have.

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Civilization Bonuses, distinct Units, Strategies and also Openings
Sid Meier"s Civ 5 is a deep strategy game. I created these individual world Guides to highlight the toughness of their specials and also unique units. If you have actually an opener or reminder for playing this Civ the you would choose to re-superstructure with various other readers, please usage the comments kind below. Part Guides space in require of update and also will be improved to a new standard of top quality or transformed to reflect gameplay changes in G&K and Brave brand-new World.
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