The loss of Rome scenario for civilization 5 lasts 70 transforms from roughly 380 ad to 475 AD. One revolve is ~1.5 years so the within a reasonable variety of turns the video game covers the an initial half the the (Great) Migration period and the eponymous loss of the roman inn Empire. The era that followed was (with part dark century in between) the Viking Age. In terms of complexity, potential outcomes and also just thin opportunities, loss of Rome is most absolutely the 2nd best scenario ideal after right into the Renaissance. Eight playable civilizations, east Rome and Western Rome teaming up, Barbarians engaging in border quarrels through one another: every these points make this script interesting and also versatile and eventually make each autumn of Rome strategy quite unique.

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The loss of Rome scenario comes 6 heavy steam Achievements. The methods for those heavy steam Achievements are mostly simple, because they don’t require deity difficulty. Also I’ll to speak it directly out: i do think some of these success are impossible on Deity! However: there is one vapor Achievement that calls for the highest possible level of Difficulty: “Pax Romana Aeternum”. Read about all the the success in this post and also get an introduction of the strategy guides playing all Civs top top Deity. Further listed below you’ll likewise find general advice top top this scenario.

Fall the Rome vapor Achievements

Et tu, Brute




Capture Constantinople as any enemy power in the fall of Rome scenario.

In mine opinion this one have to be referred to as “Goths Sloths”, since it’s much less complicated and an ext likely to catch Constantinople playing the Goths.

Double KO



Capture both Rome and also Constantinople in the same video game in the autumn of Rome scenario.

Double KO, at the very least on higher levels the difficulty, is only possible playing the Goths. No other world is in striking distance of both respective fundings without messing (too much) with third Barbarian parties.

Pax Romana Aeternum



Win the game as east or western Rome on divine being and have actually all your initial cities under your control in the autumn of Rome scenario.

I personally have only achieved that playing Eastern Rome. Western Rome, being under assault at land and also sea through 4 various other players is just too much to stomach, compared to east Rome being harassed by “only” 3 AIs.

I Missed the Day in history Class



Capture any kind of Sassanid city together the Celts in the loss of Rome scenario.

The an initial scenario / vapor Achievement strategy overview I created here. It’s been a while…

I Sunk Your imperial Capital!


Capture Rome as the Vandals making use of a boat in the autumn of Rome scenario.

Fall the Rome Strategy

Things friend can’t control

I do believe the stimulate of transforms plays a substantial role. Structure one unit before the opponent builds one (or not) have the right to be a tipping point. It have the right to determine the outcome of a battle, but additionally if the fight takes place at all. Since if you’re one unit stronger, the AI could decide to revolve it’s army elsewhere.

The biggest distinction here, i encountered play the Huns: In one video game I encountered fierce resistance through the Sassanids i beg your pardon I might only conquer by sneak attacking their capital. In the 2nd game resistance to be minimal and also I overran them. Compare both games in this guide: fall of Rome Spec Ops: The Huns divine being Strategy

Barbarian battles of Brothers

I’ve learned this through assorted failed divine being attempts: play as one barbaric civilization (Celts, Franks, Goths, Vandals), ridding oneself of neighbors does not result in victory:

Yes, they won’t hassle you no longer after they’ve been defeated (which is possible), however you won’t score victory Points for their cities. Once you’re finished with them, you’ll run out of time scoring VP versus Rome. By that time one that three things will have happened, all depending upon the east theater (sorted through likelihood):

Eastern Rome’s defense continues to be strong: girlfriend can’t catch up through the combined score of both Eastern and Western Rome.Eastern Rome drops to the Huns, who additionally keep the Sassanids in check and score significantly so that you can’t capture up. Or evil versa:The Sassanids overrun eastern Rome and defend solidly against the Huns.

So girlfriend won’t have actually the means to take it on both Rome and surrounding Barbarians. ~ above the contrary: While playing one barbarian nation, all surrounding Barbarians will certainly send armies your way, make the efforts to overcome you. A heavy defense come either side is required, but should no distract indigenous the roadway to Rome (or Constantinople respectively).

Unique Units and unique weaknesses

The unique traits the each people hugely differ in usefulness:

The Huns have actually the best advantages. Attila’s distinctive trait (+movement) makes damaging Rams and Horse Archers fatal mobile in opponent territory.

While the Celts, Franks and Goths have solid melee units, the respective 2nd units the the Vandals and also both Roman realms are neglectable:

Trihemiolias room amazing, when Axemen space not much stronger than the systems they replace.Legions room great, when Ballistae pretty much suck.Dromons space a blast, when Cataphracts don’t keep their promise.

Combat and Conquest

In normal gamings of world research and an innovation play a lot bigger function than in this scenario. This is both blessing and curse: While more and faster technical research makes warfare an ext versatile the also way strategy and also tactics readjust frequently, depending upon your and also your opponents technological level.

The right into the Renaissance script is different: Both Pikemen and also Crossbowmen will certainly be the backbone of your military until the end. I always prefer Crossbowman, due to the fact that they’re no melees and don’t need to relocate to attack. Once the time comes and also the economy can support tons of units, I largely spam these. They likewise don’t need any resources uneven Longswordsmen or Musketmen or any placed unit. The bigger empires (the AI!) will constantly have loads of those, since they’ll have resources in abundance. We have to make due with the small we have.

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Fall of Rome Strategy travel guide (Deity)

Being a bit addicted to the difficulty of win scenarios through all people on divine being difficulty, the fall of Rome scenario posed quite a challenge: when it’s right forward and also easy v some civs, it’s a curse with others. Here’s my outline of autumn of Rome deity wins and links to specialized Fall of Rome strategy guides:

The Celts – Boudicca

Status: Not achieved on Deity

Unique Ability: Painted Rebels (Combat bonus (+50%) once fighting against a people with an ext cities. Treats woodlands in friendly territory as roads. Embarked units have +1 Movement and also pay 1 movement point to move from sea come land.)Unique Unit: Pictish WarriorUnique Building: Ceilidh Hall

Playing the Celts ns did neither success on Deity, nor did I regulate to gain the vapor Achievement “I Missed that Day in background Class” on deity difficulty.