Buying LEGO nowadays can be overwhelming since of the watch endless selections from the an easy sets come the substantial builds that might take girlfriend a few days to assemble. If you room embarking on her holiday shopping, and want to know which LEGO models room worth spending your money on, here’s our peak picks because that Christmas LEGO sets:


Enjoy the festivities while building the home of Santa Claus v this LEGO Creator Santa’s Workshop set. It includes 883 pieces, and is designed for LEGO enthusiasts periods 12 and also above. The building features a thorough interior, a stained glass window, a Christmas tree, a gorgeous sleigh v gold and also red detail, and four reindeer. Accessories include a blue spaceship, four wrapped gifts, a pink wand, and also a yellow car. As soon as built, Santa’s Workshop steps 3 customs deep, end 6 customs high, and 9 inch wide.

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What’s Christmas without a train set? The LEGO Creator Expert: Winter vacation Train edition embodies the whole spirit the Christmas. The holiday tree even spins ~ above its base together the train goes down the track. It includes five LEGO minifigures, featuring a locomotive driver, ticket collector, grandmother, children and also a toy robot figure. What’s not to love here?

3. LEGO CITY advent CALENDAR 2020

You can not go past LEGO introduction calendars right now of year! find 24 unique buildable gift on this 342-piece set, i beg your pardon is appropriate for children ages 5 to 12. It has six LEGO minifigures, Santa’s sleigh, a stunt plane, Christmas trees, and so lot more. If your family is big into LEGO, they’ll be an ext than pleased as soon as you unveil the 2020 LEGO introduction Calendar. The perfect countdown come Christmas.


Open a door from the very first day the December till Christmas eve to discover 24 Star battles themed items. Models include the Millennium Falcon, TIE Fighter, Anakin’s Podracer, Droid manage ship, also Darth Vader’s Castle. Usage the foldout playmat included in this collection to play out the epos adventures watched in Star Wars. If you enjoy LEGO and also Star Wars, this is the perfect development calendar to build anticipation heading into Christmas.

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5. LEGO take care of POTTER development CALENDAR

Wizards, unite! begin the countdown come Christmas with the LEGO bother Potter development Calendar collection that consists of 24 LEGO bother Potter themed collectibles including Harry Potter, Hermione, and also a funny recreation of the Yule Ball! This set is intended because that LEGO builders ages 7+. There space 335 piece of LEGO bricks in this model, and also six minifigures.

Here’s a couple of others the are absolutely worth checking out too:

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