If you require a crvery own to reclaim your tooth, you might be wondering what the distinctions are in between chairside CEREC crowns and conventional, lab-made crowns. The team at Smillie Dental in Port Ovariety is knowledgeable around the pros and also cons of both kinds of crvery own and also will gladly answer any type of questions you may have. We want to encertain you gain the indevelopment you need to make the best decision! 


The Pros & Cons of CEREC Crowns

CEREC crowns are made by a unique 3D CAD/CAM (computer-helped design/manufacturing) machine in our office. Your crvery own deserve to be made in just a couple of minutes. It will certainly be sculpted from a solid block of porcelain by a computerized milling machine, based upon intraoral scans taken by Dr. Smille. 


Same-day treatment – The whole crown process deserve to be completed in just a single 2-hour appointment at Smillie Dental, saving you time. No need for impressions via dental putty – Dental putty can make some human being gag, and also it have the right to be very uncomfortable. CEREC supplies a handhosted 3D scanner, fairly than putty-based impressions. Requires no temporary crown – There’s no have to wear a momentary crvery own, which offers you with even more comfort and convenience.

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Can’t be supplied on some kinds of broken teeth – Teeth broken below the gumline can’t be scanned effectively with CEREC scanners, and will need therapy through a typical crvery own.Slightly less durable – Classic crowns use a architecture through a steel base and also a porcelain tooth, which is the most durable kind of crvery own. CEREC crowns are made totally of porcelain, so they are slightly less sturdy.Less fine detail – This counts on the skill of your dentist, however crowns made in labs normally have actually even more fine information and look a little even more realistic. This is just noticeable on extremely close inspection, however.

The Pros & Cons of Traditional Crowns

Classic crowns are made by a team of experts at a dental lab. They take longer to make, however perform have actually some distinctive benefits and drawbacks compared to CEREC crowns.


Extremely detailed – Traditional crowns are ideal for front teeth bereason they will be incredibly thorough and natural-looking.Very durable – Porcelain-fused-to-steel crowns bond tightly to your continuing to be tooth framework, and also are less most likely to transition, fracture or fail prematudepend. Often much less expensive – This depends on your instance, of course. But generally, typical crowns are cheaper than CEREC crowns and also are nearly constantly extended by dental insurance.


Takes a lot much longer to make your crvery own – You’ll need to come in for a least 2 appointments over a period of 2-3 weeks, which have the right to be tough with a busy schedule.You have to wear a bulky short-lived crown – A resin crvery own will be attached to defend your tooth. These crowns deserve to be uncomfortable and also require one-of-a-kind treatment to ensure they’re not dislodged or damaged prior to your last crvery own placement.

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Adjustments may call for additional appointments – If your crvery own needs major adjustments, the lab may must construct an completely brand-new crown. In comparison, CEREC crowns have the right to be adjusted and also changed throughout a single appointment.

Need a Dental Crvery own in Port Orange? Come to Smillie Dental!

Ready to explore your options for dental crowns in Port Orange? Dr. Joseph Smille have the right to aid. At Smillie Dental, we offer both CEREC and also lab-made crowns. The ideal way to discover out which treatment is best for you is through a consultation via Dr. Joseph Smillie. Contact us now at (386) 317-4754, or stop by our office at 5537 South Williamchild Blvd, #675, Port Orange, Florida 32128 to make an appointment.